Video Synthesizer
The modular video synthesizer is a project I am developing with the support of CRATEL. The prototype won third place in CRATEL's 2006 BETA competition and was the only project chosen for further development. I am currently leading a group of students from the college engineering for further development. We're trying to expand the software used to manipulate live video and to build an expressive interface that offers the user a more meaningful interaction than simple midi knobs and sliders.
Project Director: Steve Wilson
Advisor: John Harrison, Director of CRATEL
Support: Robert Bubp (Visual Artist)
           Tom McGuire (Kinetic Artist)
           Keith Neufeld (WSU Chief Network Engineer)
Check out some pictures and movies of the video synth in action. Please be advised that the movies are fairly large, so download times may vary.

***The video synthesizer is undergoing major revisions in preparation for a new performance. Check here for info on the changes happening.