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    This site contains data to assess a product life-cycle at the manufacturing stage (life cycle inventory). The focus is manufacturing unit processes. Data is in the form of a heuristic. A life cycle heuristic is to establish representative estimates of the energy and mass loss from a unit process in the context of manufacturing operations for products. The unit process life cycle inventory (uplci) profile is for a high production manufacturing operation, defined as the use of processes that generally have high automation and are at the medium to high throughput production compared to all other machines/equipment that perform a similar operation. This is consistent with the life cycle goal of estimating energy use and mass losses representative of efficient product manufacturing.


    Funding for this project is through the Department of Energy (DOE DE-FG36-08GO88149), Sustainable Energy Solutions.

    Research Team

    Devi Kalla, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver

    Michael Overcash, Ph.D. Sam Bloomfield Distinguished Chair of Engineering

    Janet M. Twomey, PhD, Professor

    Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
    Wichita State University
    Wichita, Kansas 67260 USA

    Evan Griffing, Ph.D., Industrial Collaborator
    Environmental Clarity