Green Manufacturing Website Development

general description

functionality needed



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template for content

Post Template

email list - subscribe to changes

advanced category excluder (ACE)

page link manager


Post template


expandable menus



change indentation by editing dtree-img/empty.gif to be the size of the indent
in WP change settings so that the characters to display is enough that headings do not get chopped off (e.g. 32)

tweak options for what is available to nonadmin when posting

WP-CMS Post Control plugin



Ambient Glo theme

disable right sidebar

comment out line 6 of page.php

remove home link in header

comment out line 2 of header.php

add custom logo

change line 19 of header.php to new logo jpg. Current logo image size is 269x63

fix formatting of summary (excerpt) page so table show correctly

change line 36 of archive.php from ?php the_excerpt(); ?> to ?php the_content(); ?>

change size of header/footer

change vertical size of images/header_bg3.jpg and images/footer.jpg. Other tweaks for header/footer are in styles.css

remove link in meta section

comment out line 544 of wp-includes/widgets.php

remove date from posts

comment out line 34 of wp-content/themes/ambient-glo-1/archive.php

change date on single posts for better formatting

added line 22 of single.php

getting hierarchical behavior in category lists

line 222 of style.css sets the LRTB padding. added lines 229 to 238 for correct behavior

changing l and r sidebars

hardcoded at 195px. Change on line 197 and line 255 of style.css. Likely will also want to change left margin of content (line 91) which was hardcoded at 220 and width (lines 89, 183, 190 ) which was hardcoded at 440px. Total px (content, l_margin, r_margin) is 4410 + 195 + 195 = 830


to do

engines evaluated

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