Introduction to Sound Synthesis

Wichita State University Course MUSC 790U Section 14538, Fall 2006

Media and Publicity

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Fall 06 Poster

Fall 05 Poster

Course Materials



Course lessons and tutorials

Patches from class


class email list/forum

frequently asked questions

course wishlist --- what should be different the next time Introduction to Sound Synthesis is offered?

Student Assignments

Weekly homework assignments

sound synth assignments

Midterm Proposals

midterm description- this is where the midterm description is

Final Proposals


Rachel Gerber

BrianMueller, home of the 7-foot cheeseburger.



John Harrison

Steve Wilson - Steve's old wiki page

Steve Wilson - Steve's new website! Check it out.


Pd Commons: storage for various media and files as referenced on the blog and the wiki

PdLinks - All sorts of good stuff

Tutorials - A wide variety of sound synthesis tutorials

Composers - Important composers of electronic music

Student Composers - People just like you creating electronic music!

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