Technology: Art and Sound by Design, Spring 2008

FA 590E CRN: 21256
ECE 577J CRN: 24312

Course Schedule

meets: MW 11-12:15 in Duerksen B 102
required lab: F 1:30-4:30 in Duerksen C 6

Course Materials

Course description
2008 syllabus
2008 grading system
2008 class schedule
2008 assignments

Class blog
Class discussion list

Arduino checkout sheet

Final Project

Class Members

Students with Electrical / Computer Engineering background

Students with Fine Arts background


in alphabetical order

Guest Presenters


Links to media and conceptual artists using technology
Other inspirations
Sensors and actuators
Sources for materials


Due Date




Hello Blog

Make a home page on the class blog


Hello Pd

Make at least one Pd patch and submit it to the wiki


Hello Control

Experimental projects playing with the ideas of control in people and machines

02/29/2008 end of lab

Hello Arduino

work through Arduino tutorial

03/02/2008 midnight before class

blog program and bring Arduino

03/04/2008 midnight

Hello ShiftSpace

Go to ShiftSpace on Final Friday, write up ideas about the art and the location

04/1/2008 midnight

Hello ShiftSpace II

Go to ShiftSpace on Final Friday, write up ideas about the art and the location

05/05/2008 midnight

Hello Final Friday

Describe what the final exhibit was and what it represented or meant, from your own perspective

05/12/2008 midnight

Course Reflection

How should the course be the same and how should it be different next time?

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