This instrument was created at MIT's Media Lab by Dave Merrill. It's about using your voice to create sounds and layers which you can then manipulate using a video game controller. You can also work along with friends to compose music in real-time. PJ Wichita is intended to be an education-focussed outgrowth of the original project. Initial goals are to build a system (or systems) in Wichita, install them in local schools and research the response to and effects of PureJoy in learners.

Ms. Nancy Rose is a music teacher at Greiffenstein Special Education Center, an elementary school in Wichita School District USD 259, serving many students diagnosed as having emotional or behavioral disorders. Demographics aren't available online, but will be posted here when obtained from the school. Ms. Rose has watched some youtube videos of PureJoy and JamiOki and says her students would probably love it. She's excited to have it in her classroom. Lauren Hirsh is assisting at the school once a week until the end of the Spring 2008 semester in May and will be working with half-hour classes of two to six elementary students in first through fifth grade (ages 6-10). She'll bring a PureJoy/JamiOki system to the music classroom and observe the students playing on their own, as well as being guided through personal instruction and different programmed games. The goal is to see if students enjoy PureJoy and learning, and if they learn faster or deeper when instruction is combined with opportunities to play with PureJoy.

Sorting out the Pieces

PureJoy is the interface, how you interact to create sound and change it

The AudioPint is the underlying computer system

JamiOki is the "game" prompting players in the original project


Research and Other Fun


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