KMEK web page


  1. enable multisite
  2. install Buddypress (network activate? activate default theme?)
  3. BP -> forums setup -> install BBPress

  4. Install all the plugins:
    • BuddyPress

    • Fast and Secure Contact Form for WordPress.

    • Forum Attachments for BuddyPress

    • BuddyPress Group Wiki

    • Invite Anyone
    • Jet Event System for BuddyPress

    • Page Blocks
    • Random Image Block
    • Welcome Pack
    • WP-Mail-SMTP (not needed if email is already working for wp)
    • WP-Super-Edit



Notes from the "old" KMEK server (that we never got running 100%)

patch BuddyPress to work with iis6 and iis_rewrite

steps 1-3 from

  1. patch bp-core-catchuri.php by adding lines 64 - 66 as shown below) (haven't proven this does anything...):

    61      61              foreach ( (array)$bp_uri as $key => $uri_chunk )
    62      62                      if ( empty( $bp_uri[$key] ) ) unset( $bp_uri[$key] );
    63      63
            64              /* Loop and remove index.php (e.g. for Windows IIS) */
            65              foreach ( (array)$bp_uri as $key => $uri_chunk )
            66                      if ( $bp_uri[$key] == 'index.php' ) unset( $bp_uri[$key] );
    64      68              if ( defined( 'BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG' ) || 1 != BP_ROOT_BLOG ) {
    65      69                      /* If we are running BuddyPress on any blog, not just a root blog, we need to first
    66      70                         shift off the blog name if we are running a subdirectory install of WPMU. */
  2. add . /'index.php' to line 95 of bp-core.php so it reads like:

    $bp->root_domain = bp_core_get_root_domain() . '/index.php';
  3. edit header.php of your theme so that the groups, forums, and other BP links have index.php added between the site url and the link to the action (slug)

  4. to get search to work, add 'index.php/' to line 1776 of bp-core.php so it reads:

    $search_url = apply_filters( 'bp_core_search_site', site_url( 'index.php/' . $slug . $var . urlencode($search_terms) ), $search_terms );
  5. to get random link about creating a group to work in bp-default theme, add 'index.php/' to line 69 of bp-default/forums/index.php so it reads:

    <p><?php printf( __( "You are not a member of any groups so you don't have any group forums you can post in. To start posting, first find a group that matches the topic subject you'd like to start. If this group does not exist, why not <a href='%s'>create a new group</a>? Once you have joined or created the group you can post your topic in that group's forum.", 'buddypress' ), site_url( 'index.php/' . BP_GROUPS_SLUG . '/create/' ) ) ?></p>
  6. (from Sometimes mean header warnings come up without any corresponding page. To fix add to first line of wp-settings.php (before comments):

  7. if using jet-event-system, patch it so the link is right on the front page. Add 'index.php/' to line 212 of jet-event-system.php so it reads:

    echo  '<li ' . $class. '><a href="' . get_option('home') . '/index.php/'.JES_SLUG.'" title="' . __( 'Events', 'jet-event-system' ) .'">' .  __( 'Events', 'jet-event-system' ) .'</a></li>';
  8. the Log In link in the admin bar for logged out users appears to have an extra 'index.php' in it, breaking the link. The problem appears to be line 44 of bp-core-adminbar.php but I didn't bother to fix it as we are keeping the admin bar hidden for logged out users anyway (see BuddyPress -> General Settings in the dashboard)

other notes

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