My name is John and I teach violin at Wichita State University. I'm also the director of CRATEL: The Center for Research in Arts, Technology, Education, and Learning at Wichita State University.

CRATEL has a two-fold mission: to explore technology as an expressive element and to use technology as way to break down barriers between diverse groups of people. In Spring 2006,CRATELheaded a course called Technology: Art and Sound by Design. In this course, Artists and Engineers collaborated to build original interactive artwork.CRATELalso sponsors WSUiR: WSU's Student-run Internet Radio station. Students from across the university are currently working with CRATEL to structure WSUiR to use Internet streaming technology to connect WSU with the world and the world with WSU through local, live, and multicultural events. In Spring 2006 WSU hosted CRATEL's first annual BETA Competition. BETA: Bridging Entrepreneurship, Technology, and the Arts is a university-wide competition awarding $7,000 in prizes for the best entrepreneurial idea which connects the arts with technology.

CRATEL is also sponsoring development of a video synthesizer, and is currently facilitating communication between Electrical Engineers, Computer Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Musicians, and Visual Artists to innovate within this domain. We also teach a course called Introduction to Sound Synthesis. Introduction to Sound Synthesis combines the disciplines of the arts, engineering, computer science and mathematicians to explore how synthesizers work and how to create new and unique synthesized sounds.

In fall 2006 CRATEL launched Strings, Kansas! A distance-learning-enhanced program, Strings, Kansas! connects WSU School of Music students with 4th and 5th graders in communities without string programs through distance learning technology. Sponsored in part by The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall, Strings, Kansas! is based on the premise that active communication between these Kansan communities and WSU's thriving music community will provide inspiration and motivation to support music for youth throughout our state.

CRATEL is founded on my belief that technology can be an integral part of espressivity in the arts and in culture. Perhaps in exploring technology in this way we may further understand our humanity as a people.

You can email me at: <john.harrison AT SPAMFREE wichita DOT edu>

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