essential "encyclopedias"



Z80 user's manual

This is the ultimate reference for the Z80, and has all the detail you'd ever want. Everything you really need to know is here. If you want to kill trees in the name of the Z80, this is the one to print.

GameBoy Reference (gbspec.txt)

The best reference on everything about the GameBoy from a developer's perspective. Updated 2008-Mar-07: updated names for I/O sound registers. Original Version

essential "crib sheets"



GameBoy crib sheet (color) (B&W)

print out this superb PDF that is crammed with all you need to know while you are programming for the GameBoy

GameBoy opcode summary

short HTML doc which has a full list of all GameBoy opcodes






Spectrum Archive

Info/projects/tutorials on the Sinclair Spectrum computer

Z80 tutorial

tutorial on Z80 with TI Calculator

8085 tutorial

assembly language toot on the 8085, predecessor of the Z80

Z80 tutorials

zads of stuff, including a link to the Z80 web ring. Whoo hoo!

Z80 guide

Yet Another Tutorial on Z80 assembly. Nice, or with chapters at least

Long live Zilog

Z80 intro

multi-chapter walkthrough of the Z80 --- looks very good

dry milk

types of dry milks and dry milk products





GameBoy CPU Manual

139-page PDF compilation of several sources, including gbspec.txt the GameBoy command overview, and all of the opcodes. Note: this compilation includes the older version of gbspec.txt, which does not include the updated names of the I/O sound-related registers.

GameBoy Dev'rs

The ultimate website for GameBoy and GameBoy Color developers. Most other links on this page about the GameBoy can be also found here.

GameBoy development

notes and examples from somebody teaching themselves to write a simple game on the GameBoy

GameBoy schematic

GameBoy development source

more advanced example source code for GameBoy.

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