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After a week at art camp…

2007/06/10 · 1 Comment

Wow! that was great. Sorry I didn’t post pictures along the way but it was a very busy week at the CityArts Teen Extreme 2007. Jodi, Kendra, and I (Tom) worked with a hand full of teen aged kids to put on a show of kinetic sculptures using these simple fun technics. Each of them got to take there work home but before it was over they all sat down and animated their works together with the help of a Logochip controller. For the last couple of hours people, including their parents, wandered through the gallery while their sculptures danced before their eyes. It was great, everyone was thrilled and amazed. The Kids also made video of the art camp experience which is posted on You Tube -( click here )-


 Here’s a movie I made:

(click it) theshow

And pictures: IMGP1020a  imgp1021a.JPG  imgp1023a.JPG imgp1024a.JPG imgp1025a.JPG imgp1026a.JPG  imgp1027a.JPG imgp1028a.JPG  imgp1029a.JPG  imgp1031a.JPG  imgp1032a.JPG

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