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More Than One LCD…LCD…LCD

2007/04/12 · No Comments

This is in response to a previous error and also to make sure that parallel data lines to multiple LCD modules would work. I haven’t built the whole circuit but enough to conferm that it will work. Earlier I posted a schematic if a single line LCD module that had pin 3 grounded and it should have been tied high. Here’s a picture of what I wired up:


And here is a schematic of a Logochip and 3 LCD Modules wired up to it:


And here is some code that sets up the Logochip and initializes the LCDs and prints aome characters on each LCD.


Here are some links to more useful information on the LCD Modules

        A real crummy copy of the manule (LCD-111)

       More info than you want to know about the LCD controller

      A site with other applications using this LCD display

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