Smart Shopping Cart

Team Members

Mimosa Nguyen 
Stephen Janzen 
Taylore Eisenhauer
Veena Shyam Krishna

This project is using a Kinect sensor for Xbox to control a cart that will follow a person around. Our research has shown that there have been similar ideas to this that have been built before, but there is currently nothing like it on the market. This project has applications for disabled persons who cannot push a cart around on their own, as well as for heavy or very large loads. The Kinect sensor is connected to a computer which interprets the data such as distance to the target and the angle from the center. The result is an accurate mapping in three dimensions of where a person is in relation to the sensor. It then sends this information to an Arduino micro controller. The micro controller interprets the mapping data and is used to control a pair of motors with an H-bridge driver to control the direction of the motor. Using two motors, we can achieve steering be reversing the direction of one or the other. The result is a convenient way to shop without the need for physical interaction with the cart.

YouTube Preview Image