Go Bananas – Progress Report for Go BANANAS!

Team Members:

Jeff, James, and Jacob


We have got our music tracks into pd and can alter them using sliders. 

Now we have to figure our how to overlay some sliders on the webcam image that can be controlled by the color tracking part of pd. We also have to hook up the arduino hardware.

Where we need help:

Getting the color tracker to work with the webcam sliders is something that none of us have done before but we think we can figure it out.

Goals for the week:

For the week we plan to at least have the arduino hardware tested and working with the Pd beats and tracks.

Meeting times/dates

We are planning to meet in the library on tuesday at 9:30 again. Then we also will meet before class on friday to finish up anything we have not yet accomplished.

Individual Hours:

Researching how to overlay sliders on the webcam image and controlling them with the color tracker will probably take the most time of the whole project and we will probably be most effective if we are all working the together instead of individually and pooling our PD knowledge.


April 11th, 2014 12:42 pm

If you get the webcam color tracking demo stuff working I’ll show you how to control the sliders with it in class.

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