Dont Worry Be harpy – Progress Report for Guitar Hero and Violin

Team Members:

Richard Staubin, Ankit, Chiran


The status of the guitar hero is looking really good and is on track. After our last meeting at the Maize high school on 9th april, 2014, we have done the following. We picked out the sound of the guitar using wav file from We made subpatches that played a wav file, which we can use for other files as well in future when required. Kenny has all the subpatches which he requires and now we are in the process of setting up 2 arduinos to be used for the guitar.

Where we need help:

We would need help in these areas.

We are looking for three more arduino if possible.

Goals for the week:

Set up the arduinos. Do foam cutting for guitar and violin, as the ones done earlier were prototypes, so now we know where to edit and also to make it look much better :)

Meeting times/dates

We usually meet at multiple times in the week, depending on who is free. But we have been meeting on fridays after class.

Individual Hours:

Individually we are giving 2-3 hours per week, that is beside the group meetings.

April 11th, 2014 12:41 pm

All sounds great! I have Arduinos for you but unfortunately not today. Maybe I could leave them for you in the Dean’s office by Monday afternoon next week? Would that work for you?

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