Go Bananas – Progress Report for DJ Bananas

Team Members:

Geoff, James, Jacob


We have got our color tracking with webcam working and we have begun adding in our sounds and tying them to their banana keys. We still need to add some constant beats and integrate our sliders into our PD.

Where we need help:

Getting two arduinos to work together in the same PD patch might be difficult but we have not looked into that problem in depth yet.

Goals for the week:

We plan to at least have our banana keys and our sounds set and have a good start on our sliders.

Meeting times/dates

We are meeting Fridays before class at 11:00 and possibly Tuesday morning @10:45.

Individual Hours:

We should be able to get most of this accomplished at the team meetings except for recording/ making the sounds which should take maybe 30 min.



We need to get at least two arduinos working together in pd and that might be a challenge that we have not really looked into yet.

April 4th, 2014 12:38 pm

Getting 2 arduinos working on the same Pd patch will not be a problem. they will each function independently with 2 different [comport] objects, each object getting a different com number corresponding with the arduino.

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