[Team Name] – Progress Report for [Project Name]

Team Members:

Ernesto Cisneros, Thomas Dang, Van Vo, Tsunkit Man


So far, our group has brainstormed ideas for possible projects. We have already came up with our team members and a project name, Violin Hero. We are still very early in the design phase so we have a lot left to cover, such as making the project and figuring how to make it work.

Where we need help:

A specific challenge our group has thought of is getting a violin hooked up to a computer. We also need further exposure to pd, because our group is equally lost when it comes to programming with it.

Goals for the week:

The goals for this week consist of finding examples of previous projects that are some what similar and we can get ideas from. We are also going to hook up the violin to the computer with the banana piano program to see if it works the same.

Meeting times/dates

Since we are so early in the design phase,we plan on doing further research to see how other people have completed these obstacles. Therefore since the only thing to do is research, we are all going to give ourselves the homework of researching and finding something similar to this on our own time.

Individual Hours:

Everyone has the task of finding an example video and a try to find a patch to go with it so we could use parts of it for our project.


uhhh… not really. SPRINGBREAK 2014!

March 28th, 2014 9:56 am

I’m a little unclear about how you want to hook up the violin to the computer. Before I read this, I was imagining you were going to hook up a microphone/pickup to the violin and feed that to the computer’s sound card, then analyze/modify the audio. The banana interface doesn’t work this way at all though. It could be you are imagining an interface more like Futureman’s drumitar?

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