Noise M8ks Noise – Progress Report for Kevin Nozari

Team Members:

Kevin, Waziri, Narjas


 From what I understand, we already have a program to use. We just need materials (trash) to be our triggers for our interface and also to find sounds to use for our program. 

Where we need help:

Figuring out what sounds to use for our project. 

Goals for the week:

During the break, we are going to spilt our tasks evenly. One of us is going our to collect trash (cans, bananas, and etc) while the rest our either going to start putting the PD program together and also record the different sounds that we can use in the program. 

Meeting times/dates

We met today ,3/14/14, to discuss the issues and assign the task to each other. We have not set a certain date to meet again due to that we 3 will be doing our own things during break. So, we are going to keep in touch through emails and phone calls to see where we each our at on the project and to provide help if needed.

Individual Hours:

So far we mentioned to take the whole spring break to work on these task (7 days) so that we have time to find trash and test them out, but also record the different sounds through the week and see which sounds to use. 


We are going to try to take different sounds, through the break, and try to put them together to create individual sounds. Our overall goal is to put everything together to create music.

March 28th, 2014 10:00 am

I’m curious how you might develop triggering sounds with your interface, and what ideas you have for how your interface will look. Sounds like it could be cool if the idea is developed a little further.

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