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Aaron ( t-dog) Tilden

        Hi guys I’m Aaron. I like movies, cars, and long walks on the beach. I have chosen to from now on go by t-dog, no I’m just kidding…but seriously call me t-dog. Anyway… I love electronics and when I heard this class got to help high school students nerd out like I do in my free time, I was like heck ya! I hope to provide some humor to the experience and maybe show that not all engineers are boring, dry, and most importantly, don’t wear large frame glasses and have a calculator in hand 24/7. I want to learn more about circuits and in particular more about the individual parts and what they do. I know a battery gives power but what do the other parts of our circuit do. 

my contact email is 


[Mahamane Bana]

Hi classmates, my name is Bana Mahamane. I’m a senior student in computer engineering. I’m planning to go for my master. I love math(I have minor in math). I’m from Niger republic, located in west Africa. French is my first language.

I love programming because  I believe  algorithm requires lots of attention, critical thinking and logic.



Pedro Figueroa

Hi everyone,  my name is Pedro Figueroa. I’m studying Mechanical Engineering. I love robotics and although I haven’t had much practice since high school I am excited to specialize in mechanical dynamic systems and provide innovative contributions to society.

I am very creative when it comes to finding solutions. I think outside the box and enjoy exploring how mechanisms work. I have a bit of experience in soldering, but I know it will come natural to me. Still, I’d like to improve my soldering skills while helping others in the process. In the past I made an autonomous fire fighting robot utilizing the VEX kit. I’ve also done a simple segway style Domo (Picture: Mandy, Domo Arigato Mr. ROBOTO, me) and a four-legged walkbot. Not much experience, but I know it’ll be useful.

pedriux88 [aT] gmail [dOt] com

Mohammed Talukder

 My name is Mohammed Talukder but i like to be called Rak. I am currently a senior majoring in mechanical engineering at WSU. I can contribute designing concepts to my group. In service learning, I hope to learn how to better communicate with other people and learn more about how to work in a group.

Email: rak.talukder[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Ruchira Rupasinghe

Hey guys!

I’m Ruchira Rupasinghe and I’m a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I work at the University for Sodexo as well. As a Sri Lankan I’m crazy about cricket and I play for a league in Wichita in my free time.  I also like swimming and table tennis. 


I’ve got a decent knowledge in designing circuits and I’m sure it’ll come in handy for the project. As I like to learn more about circuits, the class would be interesting to me. and so would be the project.

And I love music so it would be fun anyway.

Looking forward to get to know people in high schools and also in class as well. Would surely be an unforgettable experience.

My email – ruchrupasinghe[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Tommy Le

Hi everyone,

My name is Tommy  and I’m a senior in Mechanical Engineering. I’m also good at computer hardware and networking. I organized things very well and feel very comfortable in my troubleshooting skills. I hope these can be contribute in the project we are going to do.

I’m sure I will be learning a lot in this class after reading Class Members posts and noticed that we have almost all different major of engineering in this course. I believe our project would be fun and lead us to an awesome learning experiment.


Trevor Rietcheck

Hello all! My name is Trevor Rietcheck and I am a sophomore in Computer Engineering. I currently hold a job at Cisco’s Advanced Network Research Institute on campus, and am a member of the WSU Shocker Sound Pep Band. I spend my spare time gaming, coding, playing the trumpet/guitar, listening to copious amounts of music, and working on my cars that are in a perpetual state of breaking down. 

I am looking forward to working with music, code, and circuits together at once. While I am also excited to teach this to others, I’m a little unsure of my own abilities to convey these in a teacher environment, but I am more than willing to learn and adept as we go. Specifically, I have a history in music (9 years), some practice in coding and circuits, and have made attempts at soldering before (see Ashlee Weeks’ post involving Iron Man). 

To contact me, email at: trietcheck[AT]HOTmail[dot]com

Truc Tran


     My name is Truc Tran. I am currently a senior major in mechanical engineer. I am proficient with 3D modeling and planning design concepts. In learning service learning, I hope to learn new design process as well meeting new friends and utilize my skills to help community. 

Email: tctran07[AT]gmail[DAT]com

Tsung Ting Chao (Tony)

Hello folks,

My name is Tsung Ting Chao and go by Tony is easier for people to say. I am an international student and enjoys the american culture so far. Currently a senior student and interested in learning different aspect within engineering. Feel free to ask any questions to me and anything you can advise me during the service learning for me to improve on.  

That is me at the exploration place trying to pick up a carrot stuck inside.

I have experience in soldering and using some of the machines and tools in the lab. I have a high interest in layout and organizing circuit component and like to get my eyes all around the circuitry. 

I would like to learn more about many other different electrical component like the accelerator something like that. Also to learn more about how to read and use the scope more efficiently and different functions.

My email is txchao[AT]wichita(DooooT)edu 


khumbo kawonga

My name is Khumbo Kawonga, I am currently a senior in IE . I am originally from Malawi which is in Africa.


I  like the project we are doing  and to make it better i would really like to improve the design of the box. In doing this, i think would definitely make the project just a little more interesting, especially since we are working with highschoolers.

The areas i would like to learn more about would be circuits and constructionism.

kkawonga at gmail dot com