Team Karen – Progress Report Mar 8 – 14

Goals for the week:

Tack 10 breadboards 

Narrow down song choice 

Work on presentation

Meeting times/dates

Monday 3/11 at 3:00 p.m at the lab

Individual Hours:

Eric – 4 hrs

Bryan-2 hrs

khumbo kawonga 1hr

What we did:

Fill this out Wed eve: List things things that actually got done. This can include progress in the ideas you have and your implementation. It can (and should) also include some measurable results, for example “new schematic completed for circuit.” Make content here very specific. “We made progress on our idea” is not helpful content. More helpful would be “we have identified learning model XXX at This model has the following advantages …. and the following liabilities … Working with this model we have enhanced our idea to….

Individual accomplishments which serve the team can and also should be listed here.


-We came up with an improved breadboard layout

-tacked out 12 breadboards

-change the capacitor to a .47 microfarad capacitor

-found a good visual of how the circuit really works, which will help us in explaining the schematic to the students

-working with Brooks middle school to come up with Super Mario Bro’s theme for Frets on Fire

What we didn’t do:

need to put together a visual presentation ie powerpoint

Where we are stuck:

need to decide on a day the week after spring break to have our first visit to the school


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