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A wheel chair by Uchenna osunsanmi

WheelChair this is the hpgl file

WheelChair this is the svg file.

I made a wheelchair with double support.. pretty straight forward and complex.

These consists of the :back rest, seat, arm rest, double wheels large and small with supporting blocks for the seat to balance with the wheels.

John Paschal Longboard
  • Longboard Specs.
    • It’s a longboard with two trucks and four wheels.
    • The Deck is 1.5 inches thick and 7.5 inches long.
    • Each wheel its .5 inches tall and wide.
    • The Trucks are 2 inches long and 1.5b inches tall.
    • LongboardSVG
    • If I were to build this next time, I would make the holes for the Trucks to mount in a bit bigger along with the Length of the Trucks longer in general.
  • Description

I got into Longboarding not too long ago and it is a lot of fun so I decided to cut and make one out of foam! It looks like the real think minus the size haha. I has trucks as the wheel mounts as all boards do along with four wheels. The deck is a drop through which means the trucks mount on the top as you can see. Being a drop through makes it low to the ground. Don’t try riding it!

Zechariah Frost



  • This project is a pretty simple one it relates to my last name FROST  and nicknames that I have gotten in the past. It’s obviously a snowman but sadly he is missing his top hat. I could not find one nor did I have the proper materials to make him one. I made the circles with the foam cutting machine notched them out so they would fit togehter kind of giving it a 3D look. My daughter and glued him together and figured since he was so basic that we should add the finishing touches with the eyes, nose, bells for buttons, and his arms, sad so sad no top hat though…


  • 2 six inch circles notched and put together
  • 2 five inch circles notched and put together
  • 2 four inch circles notched and put together
  • 5 bells used for buttons
  • 2 eyes
  • 2 pipe cleaners used as arms
  • four jewles used for the mouth
  • 1 black fabric ball used for the nose 
Josh Hunt – Foam Project
    • I decided to use the foam cutting machine to make a foam globe  that is roughly 7 inches in diameter, 7 discs varying in size and 16 identical foam 1/4 circles  to give it a somewhat 3d effect. The globe is constructed/connected via the discs to the 1/4 circles making a total of 48 connections (3 connections per 1/4 circle x 16). There is also a 9 inch stick through the middle of the whole thing so that it has something it can spin/revolve on.
    • Here is the inkscape file used to create my project
    • Originally I was going to have a stand but I wasn’t fully aware of how thin the foam was, or of the dimensions that it needed to be. In the end the stand was WAY too small to fit around the globe. So I would say in retrospect it would probably be wise to either have multiple versions of the stand in the file as to avoid this problem.
Spoooooooky Tree – Justin Hall
    • I created a “Spooky Tree” that interlocks 4 ways in the middle, with additional leaf components.
    • The specifications for the spooky tree are to stand by itself stabily, utilize as much of one sheet of foam as possible, and for the leaves to stay attached.
    • editable svg file(s) which you used in creating your foam something.
      • make sure the svg file you provide does *not* have objects already grouped.
    • I originally tried to make it with two base peices instead of 4, but upon viewing similiar cardstock constructs, I decided it would be more competent to do it in quarters. I did not anticipate the machine to run 9,600 commands.  I made doubles of the middle pieces because I wasn’t sure of the constitution of them.
    • SpookyTree
Dakota Handke Foam Card Holder
My foam project is a desk decoration for the out of the loop business man.
it is a 3”x 4”x 3” ornament to hold cards at an angle to keep them from falling.
This was not what i wanted to create, my original idea i thought was too simple. Other than that i had trouble using the program because i am used to another program that allowed more versatility than inkscape.

Carol Viluethpad – Foam Sea Turtle
Foam Sea Turtle:

It’s a sea turtle. A foam sea turtle. Amphibious creatures. Yeah. 
I roughly spent about 2-2 1/2 hours sketching the turtle before I even began to implement anything using Inkscape. Including: how I wanted the turtle to look, how the individual pieces would eventually come together to create the turtle, measurements, and where to place slots. This way I would have a semi-clear goal in mind of what I wanted and needed as I worked as opposed to going into the design program blind, thus saving me time in the end (at least, I hope it did…). 
    • Specifications:
      • Look like a turtle
      • Approximately 13″ x 10″ x 6″ (l x w x h)
      • Stand on its own
    • svg file: Foam Project – Turtle
    • If I could go back in time and tell myself to do something different…
      • Pay attention to the magic numbers! Specifically the thickness of the blade and the fact that you should make one piece 0.05″ larger in order to fit snugly together. I had to do a bit of manual trimming to get the large “shell” pieces to fit into the slots. 
      • Take into account how much space would give-way/be created by interlocking pieces together. 
      • Keep in mind how large some of the pieces are in relation to one another. I made changes in size as I went on designing the project, but I forgot a few details here and there. Namely, the middle piece of the turtle shell which is about double the size of the one before and after it. Although it’s noticeably larger, it doesn’t look terrible, but a shorter piece would be preferred. 
      • If you’re using an x-acto knife, TAKE YOUR TIME AND DON’T RUSH. Otherwise you’re left with sloppy cuts that aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. 
      • Give yourself a lot of time for trial and error. Take however much time you think you would normally need and add about two hours. I rushed some cuts and I hand-carved the legs from my original “trapezoid” I have from my original file. Additionally, the pieces that are near-perpendicular to the parallel large shell pieces (semi-circular parts), should have been measured out better before I began cutting. 

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way my turtle turned out. :]

Foam Fish : Tyson Tompkins

This is a foam fish with removable rib pieces. Standing 7.75 inches and having a length of 2 feet. The foam fish weighs in at a scale tipping .6 ounces.
Specifications – 5 1/4″ removable ribs with dimensions of 5.5 wide and 5.5 Tall.
– 1 1/4″ by 2 foot long by 7 inch tall fish body.

I would have added fins to the fish and maybe a stand to hang the fish on for display. Though I went beyond my limited design knowledge making the fish.

Ryan Chakron Foam Glasses
    • Giant foam glasses! The two ear pieces are detachable. The whole thing is about a foot long and a foot wide. Unless you have a giants head, you cannot wear these glasses. 
    • Specifications:
      • Front glasses piece
      • two ear pieces
      • Made for decoration, not for eye were
  • File name: Glasses
    • Done differently?
      • After I had finished it, I thought that it might be better small, just to be able to actually wear them, but I am still happy with the product.