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Abdullah bandar

       Light weight, easy to use, small size for prototype, can fit a small dummy, has a movement mechanism and gears with some like hydraulic pump to move the bed into wheelchair mode.

I think I should had given more time to my foam project.
The wooden pick sticks were a bad idea as they wouldn’t move as they are intended to and they aren’t reliable.
Bird-James Wyatt
    • I created a bird in the flying position because I am an avid hunter and I mainly hunt for birds such as ducks/geese/pheasant/dove etc.
    • 1- 8.5 inch spine/head
    • 2- 2 inch circles for body
    • 1- 2.5 inch circle for body
    • 2- 4.5 inch wings
    • 1- 3.5 inch tail
    • The savior
    • One thing I would change if I was a better artist with this is the tail and wings.