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Zechariah Frost


  • hobbies-Fishing, R/C Cars, Working on cars, Cycling, Pretty much anything outdoors
  • interests-Fixing things, Expanding my mind, electronics, and how things work
  • I was born in El Dorado KS, I did most up my growing up years in SE KS, I spent most of my time in the woods or on my friends g-mas 800 acre farm.
  • My major- Computer Science but interested in BMED


  • I decided to come to WSU for the engineering program.
  • I chose my major to hopefully help brifdge the gap between IT and BMETS
  • I want to work strictly in imaging so I see myself working with Phillips or GE servicing x-ray machines locally with in the state.


Carol Viluethpad

Hello there! 

I was born to two very loving but protective Laotian parents in Sacramento, California. My family moved out here to Wichita when I was about five so I’ve essentially grown up here. As a child they’ve always pushed me to work hard in school and to become a doctor…just so I could take care of them as they age–they’ve told me on multiple occasions. One of their favorite things to tell me is, “Work hard now so you don’t have to work hard later,” followed by their second favorite, “Stay in school. Don’t do drugs. Don’t get pregnant.” 

Pretty decent advice to live by. 

Coincidentally, I have actually settled to go on the doctor route (my parents are stoked about that, not gonna lie). I’m majoring in bioengineering and I plan to eventually go on to medical school to become a pathologist. The convenient thing about my major is that the curriculum satisfies most of the required classes for med school with just a few shy here and there, which is one of the reasons I decided to go to WSU. Well that and its reputation for a great coop program. And I like Shocker basketball. And it was cheap. That’s always a plus. 

When I’m not studying or doing homework, I’m most likely either avoiding, complaining, or avoiding and complaining about studying or homework. When I’m not doing either of those things, I’m usually working. And if I’m not studying or working, I’m most definitely sleeping.

Some of my favorite ways to procrastinate include: 

  • Exercising, especially tennis, Zumba, Just Dance and swimming–it makes feel like I’m at least attempting to be productive
  • Playing video games like Final Fantasy and Mario
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • YouTube
  • Watching TV with my dog
  • Eating
  • Eating
  • Eating

However, all that eating and sleeping probably won’t help me much in the future, but who knows? Hopefully in ten years I’ll achieve my career goal and be an established, successful pathologist in a hospital. As for where, that has yet to be determined and that’s okay. I’ve got time. For now, I’ll just take things one step at a time.


For interwebz interaction:

cxviluethpad [at] wichita [dot] edu

John Paschal

Hi my name is John and I am majoring in Computer Engineering. I choose to major in Engineering because it is what my father does and I love technology. I like to run, work out, and practice martial arts. I also like to play a lot of video games on my PC. I see myself having a nice engineering  job in 10 years with a wife and a motorcycle. 

Ryan Chakron


What’s up guys, my name is Ryan Chakron. My major is that I want to be a Mechanical Engineer. Born and raised in Wichita, KS. Playing video games, driving around, or hanging out with my friends are what take up most of my day if I’m not at school or working. Interested mainly in space and astronomy and the theories of the universe. The reason I came to WSU is because of their great engineering department, and because I have lived in Wichita my whole life, and it is much cheaper to live with your parents than pay for a dorm or an apartment. Hopefully in 10 years I’ll be working at my dream job for one of the aerospace plants here in Wichita. 


email: ryan [[dot ]] chakron [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com


Twitter: @ryan_shak


instagram: white_shak

Your Name
The Fam

L-R Me, Son Chris, Son Timothy, Son Aaron, Daughter Carolyn, Son Robert, Daughter Alexandria, Wife Hope, BR-LR Grandson Victor, Grandson Dequintez


My name is Darek Foster.  I’m a junior at WSU. My major is Computer Science.  I am working full time and going to school full time so I don’t have a lot of time for my hobbies and interests anymore.  I am a son, husband, brother, and father and I enjoy being all of those things. I’m taking Trig, Intro to Engineering, Digital Design, and Public Speaking.  I took Interpersonal Communication at Butler, but evidently, that’s not speech, so it didn’t transfer. 

  • As hobbies, I like movies, going out to eat, puzzles, drawing 
  • As interests I like traveling, building computers, family, friends
  • I am from Wichita, Kansas, but I was in the Air Force for 6 years and I’ve lived in Hawaii, Texas, Kansas.  I loved the weather in Hawaii best. I love Wichita, but I don’t like the weather.
  • My major is Computer Science. Originally, Computer Science was in Liberal Arts and Sciences and my college was there, but they moved it to College of Engineering, so I had to move. Subsequently, I lost about 80 credit hours, so here I am.  I like this class already.  I like taking things apart and putting them back together.  I like imagining a tangible solution to a problem and then trying to solve it.


  • I came to WSU because I’m in Wichita, and I received my associates from Butler, and WSU is the closest and the least expensive.
  • I chose this major becuase my interest in computer hardware and software go back to the 80′s, and technology is growing exponentially, so I’ll be in a field that is in demand.
  • In 10 years, I imagine I’ll have a  good job that makes enough money to pursue my hobbies and interests.
  • If anyone would like to send me an email, my email address is:


Josh Hunt

Hello everyone. My name is Josh Hunt.

Born and raised here in Wichita, KS. I am really into video games, mostly first person shooters, and when I’m not doing that I really enjoy watching TV shows and movies, usually from within the Comedy genre. My major is Computer Science. There are a few reasons I decided to go to WSU. Mostly because it is known to be a great school, especially for Engineering. Aside from that, it’s close to home and traditionally my family has all gone to WSU. I choose my major because I took an intro to computer science class while attending school in Missouri and  really enjoyed it. 

josh [hyphen] hunt [at] live [dot] com

Tyson Tompkins

I graduated from WSU in 95′ with a BS in Criminal Justice.  I have spent the last 15 years as a landlord of apartment dwellings.  I finally exited that profession with some of my mind still in tact and working. 

Fishing and Hunting take up all of my spare time.  I would like to complete a on going novel I’ve been working on, also I enjoy writing short children’s stories.

I would like to get a degree in computer engineering.  My knowledge of computers is very limited and needs broadened badly.

The next ten years is a mystery to me, the first fifteen were nothing that anyone could expect or want. 

tysontompkins (at)gmail (dot)com


Camron S


Hey, my name is Camron Michael Spelts named after my Grandpa’s Cam and Ron. I’ve lived in Wichita Kansas my entire life. Some things I like to do are go Quading at Little Sahara in Waynoka, Oklahoma. I also like to get on Xbox from time to time. My major is undecided engineering I can’t decide between electrical or aerospace. I came to WSU because it was close to home and would be cheaper for me to go to college then if I were to go out of state. I decided to go into engineering because I like math, Science, and figuring how things work. In ten years I hope I will have paid off my college loans and make enough money to retire within 30 years. E-mail: CamronSpelts(at)Gm@il(dot)comk

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Dakota Handke

Yello I like playing video games and driving around town. I don’t over do those activities but they are what I enjoy. Things that are intriguing to me, are how thing work, what i can do with items to benefit me, and how life plays its course. I am from Wichita, but i moved to Shell Knob, MO for a while and came back around 5th grade. I am undecided in what Engineering major i want to be, but i like to either be on a computer and/or be hands on.

I came to WSU because it has a good engineering program and it is close to home. I can also find jobs through WSU that can get me to my dream job, hopefully less than 10 years from now. 

You can contact me by my email: dhandke09 [[@]] gmail {{dot}} com

Abdullah M. A. M. A. Bandar

Hello everyone,

my name is Abdullah M. A. M. A. Bandar(M stands for my fathers name, A, stands for grandfather and so on), I always tell myself that everything has a purpose(reason), each reason has an advantage and a disadvantage where we choose which paths we go we will always gain something but we can only figure out which is which if we were smart enough.  I tell myself that everyone should look at the people who are among them(people who are in there class) and see whom are the best of them and think that they are challenging them to get better not challenging them for a competition.  Here are some of my hobbies, interests, where I am from and my major:

  • Chess, billiard, ping pong, mini fusball, photography,
  • Basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, Fusball(inside soccer), politics, law, video games,
  • Ikarus, Q8
  • Computer Engineering

You’d like to know more about myself?

  • Got accepted to WSU for my major where another college accepted me for another major as I can’t change if I got to it.
  • Because, I wanted to learn more about computers, I was also into environmental engineering but my family thought it wasn’t a good major due to it not being known much about it as they think it wouldn’t have a job opportunity in q8.
  • I can’t imagine due to having lots of bright ideas in my mind so better make it a surprise for myself and maybe for others too.