[Tyson,Camron,Abdullah] Final Project Report & Video:

Team: El Matador

team member contribution
Tyson Track and LED installation, getting figurines
Abdullah Arduino programming, Wiring for LEDs and Motor.
Camron Designing foam arena, arduino programing


For our final project we decided to do a bull fighter arena where the matador will face off against a bull. We decided to do this because it would be fun to make and be entertaining for people to watch.



What we did

  • Used Inksape to design to make a usable arena. 
  • Put together arena.
  • Got 12 LEDs and spread them around the bull figheter arena.
  • Programmed into the Arduiono Uno to program the LEDs to do an array that makes them go off around the arena.
  • Got a motor and using a second Arduino made it so it goes forward and backwards by using a variant of the blink code.
  • Made a wooden track for bull to follow.
  • Used a piece of string to use as a pulley on the motor to move a toy car forwards and back with the bull riding on top of the car.
  • Used a servo to move the matadors arms up and down and programmed into the second Arduino Uno to make the matador move his arms when the bull charges.
  • Painted the bull and arena.
  • Used fabric to decorate the arena and matador.


  • 2 sheets of foam (to make 24”x12”x6” foam arena)
  • Plastic bull
  • Matador
  • Toy Car
  • Two Arduino UNOs
  • Motor
  • 12 LEDs
  • Wood(for wooden block track)
  • String
  • Wire
  • Paint
  • Caulking
  • Fabric

shooting_star Runs the LEDs for the arena.

Motor_serv Runs the motor for the bull and the servo for the matador



  • We Got the Bull to move down the arena and have the matador raise his arms.
  • Problems with construction (corner panels for arena, using blink to control motor, using too big of resistors for LEDs, getting a strong enough motor to move bull).
  •  Bull would get stuck at beginning of track.
  • Use something to prevent bull from going too far back so it doesn’t get caught.
  • If you were to expand your project in the future, what would you do next? Use speakers to make the sound of a cheering crowd. make stadium seats to be put outside of the arena.
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