[TachTeam3] Final Project Report & Video: [RC Tachometer]


team member contribution
Dakota Wired breadboard, Presentation
John Gathered materials, Coded
Justin Presentation and Report/Poster


Though we didn’t improve an existing invention, we were able to educate and surprise children and adults with the simplicity in something they see every day.  Our basic tachometer is able to count the number of rotations per minute of a wheel, and convert the data to kilometers per hour.  Our project exemplifies the “Hall effect.”  This feature’s validity spans across many fields, from keep track of RPMs in a vehicle; to keeping track of blood-flow intravenously.



  • Be presented in a way that would enthuse young and old
  • Demonstrate “Hall effect
  • Successfully measure rotations of a tire on RC car
  • Convert raw data into miles per hour


The effect that allows us to count the rotations is possible due to a sensor that – when able to communicate with a magnet and a conductor – will create a quantitative displacement of force in the magnetic field.  This is referred to as the Hall effect.


Our material list was short for this project, which is appropriate for the demonstration

Arduino Uno


Electric RC Car

2 Magnets

Hall effect sensor


Output to: Laptop


After taking the case off of this little monster, we were able to find room to affix the breadboard – which contained the Arduino.  

We tried a few less successful ways to get it to stay on before the final product.

In the wheel well of the left top (from this view,) is a magnet glued in.  Across from the magnet, sticking off of the breadboard, is a tiny hall effect sensor.


The code: 




  • Though a shaky display at first, the simplicity of the project allowed us to still efficiently convey our presentation.
  • I believed we achieved maximum feasibility, for our skill level, on how we chose to demonstrate a very complicated physical effect.  Efficient, insightful, and easy to understand was all achieved.
  • If we were to reenact this project with a higher skill level, we would be able to create specialized tachometers for machinery or powerful vehicles.  We would also be getting paid the big bucks.
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