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For our project we are going to create a a mini-game in which we will have ‘race track’, upon which there will be a character ‘driving’ around the track. This character will be controlled via a controller/input device which will control the speed at which  the character goes around the track. The object of this will be to keep the character on the track and going around as many times and as fast as possible, without flying off the edge.

Our inspiration for this comes from a toy/game. An example of this can be seen below.


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Dec 5 project, visual presentation, video complete  

Member Contributions:

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 Josh  TBD  
 Ryan  TBD  
 Uchenna  TBD  

Further Considerations:

As we’re just in the beginning stages of our project we do not know of any problems we might run into or the materials we will be using. We do however feel that our project should be fun in it’s design and should provide for some entertainment for anyone who wishes to try their hand in our game. This project is feasible because we have the basis of the project is already laid out for us, we just have to figure out how to construct one of our own and make it operate.

November 13th, 2013 9:12 pm

Need some more detail. How are you going to propel the figure around the track? is the track round, straight, oval? How are you planning to vary the speed? This project will be more work than you think. Might consider something like a drag race instead. The faster you push a button the faster the car goes? Could even have staging lights with LEDs. Race track would be cool, but I think you would run out of time to make it what you want.

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