Name Phone/Text E-mail Comments
 Enoch Jennison    enochjennison@gmail.com  Has cool sweaters & a neat beard 
 Carol Viluethpad    cxviluethpad@wichita.edu  Likes to draw
 Zech Frost    zjfrost@wichita.edu  Good with tools
 James White      Pretty chill guy



Our game is reminiscent of a jackpot arcade game. Specifically, one similar to the one in the image to the right. Instead of aiming for the “jackpot” to win tickets, the object of the game will be to help WU score a basket. It will be a much more simplified version, but the concept of how it works will still be the same. Instead of a ring of lights, there will be a simple line of eleven lights. The light in the center being a perfect swish. The ones immediately left and right will simulate bouncing off the rim and the rest will just be a missed shot. The lights will run back and forth on their own, and will only stop on a light when the player pushes a button. Depending on where the player stops the lights, certain sounds will be produced. For example, if the player gets a perfect swish, a short victory tune will play similar to older 8-bit games. A different tune will play when the player “bounces off the rim” and when the player “misses.” The LEDs will resume their back and forth motion after being stationary for 3 seconds. 


Date Goal Supervisor(s)
11/12 Finished project proposal  All
11/20 Completed programming   Enoch, James
11/20 Finish building/aesthetics  Zech, Carol
11/21 Complete, ready to present for 11/23  All
12/5 Project, visual presentation, video complete  All

Member Contributions:

Member Contribution Comments
Enoch Jennison  Programming, Component Assembly  
Carol Viluethpad  Graphic Design, Quality Control  
Zech Frost  Component Assembly, Electrician  
James W  Programming, Component Assembly  

Further Considerations:

Similar to: Foam Project, ARDUINO


1 – 8″ x 2″ x 4″ block of wood 

11 – LED lights and a copious amount of wiring to go with them 

1 – 9V battery 

1 – 3″ x 6″ piece of foam (to make WU)

AT LEAST 1 pack of markers (to color WU)

1 – X-ACTO knife (to cut WU out from the foam)

1 – Tri-fold

November 13th, 2013 8:50 pm

Shocker theme…Awesome! Good idea, will be fun for kids to try at Exploration Place. Don’t forget to amplify the sound. something as simple as a shoe box works well.

Good Luck!

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