Final Project Proposal


name phone/text email comments
 John Paschal  316-259-0804  
 Dakota Handke  316-214-7061  



We are going to try to attempt to a speedometer/ g-force monitor for a small vehicle.


Delete this text. Using the table below, break your project down into about 5 steps and provide a timeline for when each of these steps will be done. What will you have done by when?

date goal lead by
 11/12  project announced  JP, DH,J 
 11/15  design and testing  John, Dakota
 11/20  final iteration  JP,DH,J
 11/23  Tri-fold display  JP,DH,J
Dec 5 project, visual presentation, video complete  JP,DH,J

Member Contributions:

member contribution Comments
 John Paschal  Programming/Materials  
 Dakota Handke  Assembly/ Hands-on work  
 Justin  Video  

Further Considerations:

We feel that this project is feasible for entry level engineering students. All we have  do is develop a G-Force and Speedometer using and Arduino controller that can be programmed for the following function.  We might put LEDs on the vehicles or completely try something different.

November 13th, 2013 9:02 pm

Give some more details in the “details” section. how are you going to develop a G force meter? buy one? use an accelerometer? Are you going to log the results? if so, remember this is an 8 bit controller with limited memory. You can use Serial command to output to a computer, but that ties you to the length of a USB cable. Consider narrowing the scope to speed and acceleration. Both can be obtained from the same sensor such as a Hall-effect counting wheel revolutions. If you used an RC car you can prop it up so the wheels spin and the speed and accel display on a laptop, something for the kids at Exploration Place to try.

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