El Matador


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 Tyson Tompkins  316-807-4911    
 Cameron Spelts      
 Abdullah Bandar      



We are going to construct a miniature arena.  Inside the arena there will be a bull fighter and a bull. 

Where the seating of the arena is there will we be an array of LED lights around the top.  Inside this miniature arena there will be a bull which will be operated by a small motor.  The bull will travel on a track of some sorts toward the Matador.  When the bull approaches the Matador he will raise his arms, holding a cloak, and the bull will pass under it.  The bull will then return back to his original place in the arena. The LEDs will also light in an array when the bull passes under the cloak.  All will operate with a motion sensor.

The entire project will be operated by the Arduino UNO.  If time permits there will also be a speaker installed somewhere in the arena.  It will announce “OLAY” when the Matador lifts this cloak.


date goal lead by
 Nov. 8th-12th Brainstorming ideas for the final-project   group
 Nov.12th-15th Blueprinting the Inkscape for the stadium cutout, gathering pieces for project.   Cameron, group
 Nov.16th-21st Construction of the arena and placement of figures in the arena, begin layout of motors and servos, LEDs etc.   Tyson, Abdullah
Nov. 22nd-  Visual presentation finished and putting the finishing touches on, “El Matador”.  Everything must work properly.  
Dec 5 project and video complete  

Member Contributions:

member contribution Comments
 Tyson  materials, post write ups, LED installation  


installation of figurines inside arena, Arduino programing   
 Cameron  Arena Architecture, Arduino programing  
 group  visual presention  

Further Considerations:

There will be a lot going on with El Matador.  The kids at Exploration place should enjoy it, ”OLAY”

We will also have a tri-fold information/display board. 

November 13th, 2013 8:44 pm

OLAY! sounds fun! Couple comments.
1. Make sure you move the visual presentation (i.e. trifold poster) to be completed prior to the 22nd for Exploration Place.
2. For the LED’s try the Array command.
3. Timing will be key for the bull and Matador. you might try a switch that the bull triggers to start the arm raise.

Good Luck!

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