Camron Spelts- Foam Sword

Foam Sword

    • For my Foam project and decided to make a foam sword. I wanted to make something that people would find interesting. I based the design of it  from swords of medieval and roman times with a few artistic modifications
    • The sword consists of three parts: the handle, the blade, the sheath
    • The handle is made of multiple pieces (two sides to be the basis of the handle, interlocking foam pieces to help the handle stay together, , foam pieces with slots cut out for the blade to slide in, filler foam pieces to make it less flimsy. I then glued two of the foam blades parts together to make it more sturdy and durable, Made a sheath for the sword to be easy to carry.
    • File:SWORD
    • Things I would have done differently: I did changes as I went along but would have changed how the handle interlocked with itself, duck tape around the entire thing. taken more time to cut out foam pieces



September 30th, 2013 8:53 pm

Great Job Camron! I like how you used 2 different colors of foam to separate the handle. nice touch.


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