Welcome to the class blog for Nick Wanklyn’s sections of Wichita State University’s Engineering 101 – Tuesdays/Thursdays 0530-700 pm.

Engineering 101 is a three-hour course specifically designed for College of Engineering freshmen and transfer students in their first year at Wichita State University. This course provides application to being both engineering students and practicing engineers.

The site supports classes resources such as assignments, course syllabus, and online references.  All class assignments will be submitted on this Engineering 101 class site as well.  For our informal chatter, random questions and stuff that just interests us, we run a forum inside the blog. Everybody in the 101 class is subscribed to the forum.

Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to access resources related to the course.

From the Catalog:

ENGR 101 – Introduction to Engineering: Assists engineering students in exploring engineering careers and opportunities. Provides information on academic and life skills essential to become a successful engineering student. Promotes connections to specific engineering majors and provides activities to assist and reinforce the decision to major in engineering. Recommended for all new engineering students. Offered fall and spring.

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