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Tundra Grille – Nic Van Deventer – MW

    Hello Everyone,

     For my “Foam Away” project, I decided to draw the grille of my truck. It is made up of four main pieces with six connector pieces. The main problems that I encountered with this drawing were designing the Toyota logo so that the dimensions were not too thin, and the sizing of all the pieces. This project took me about four and a half hours to complete, most of that time was just learning Inkscape though.



Foam Away.svg


Gravity Gun
  • My Project was the “Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator” (Gravity Gun).
  • The Gravity Gun had numerous difficulties, for starters the cross section pieces fit together extremely tight, because I popped a couple pieces out instead of exacto-knifing them out, once I went at it with the exacto-knife they fit much more smoothly. The design process and adding all of the tabs were the two most time consuming part. The way I designed it was, I make all of the pieces, then scaled it all to the correct size, then added tabs for everything. Finally I had numerous problems with stability it the handle area due to the amount of weight in the front end and the thin width of the foam.



final gravity gun model

Daniel Hughes

Kevin Wong – Engr 101 MW 10:30 Foam Away

I created

 a miniature “wrist blade” that retracts about an inch in and out. I chose to make the wrist section a square because the octagonal shape I was aiming for was too big and I couldn’t do a circular foam shape.

The product simply slides the “blade” forward and backwards as a way to conceal if wearing longer sleeves.

The blade has a vertical attachment that fits snug on the blade, but not on the hexagonal shape, effectively creating a track that it can follow.


Problems along the way:

-I didn’t know the height of the foam so creating the perfect fits for vertical fittings didn’t work so well

-The blade is shorter than I thought, so the purpose of a long concealing “weapon” does not follow through because an inch is hardly concealed.

-The wrist segment doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing because it is a square and rather ugly.


What I would have done differently:

-Make the blade longer

-Make the wrist section out of a leather strap

-Create more snug pieces to connect everything.

-Create some sort of lock for the blade, because you can easily pull it out vertically, it feels structurally weak.

-Instead of shifting the blade from the top, I’d like it to be spring loaded and then have some sort of gear that I can twist from the bottom of whatever hand it is on.  I stayed away from gears because I feared the structural integrity of them, especially when they are made of foam.



If you read my blog, then you should remember that my construction skills are subpar, so for me, while it looks aesthetically horrid and provide shoddy performance, I consider it pretty good for somebody like me =). 



I was able to create a kangaroo forum. It took me almost four hours to draw but almost forever to come up with a design. With the help of youtube and google, i was able to decide  to make a kangaroo forum. I used a lot of “select and transform object menu” on the inkscape software together with “edit path of nodes” and deaw beizer curves and straigh line menu. 




[Ben May] – [MW Section]
I made a simple glider.  It consist of just three parts that slide together.  This was my first time using Inkscape so the finished product is rather unrefined.  

Foam Glider

F-F-Foam project

Kyle Offutt

Plane-kyle Offutt-svg file  


My project consist of two planes. It serves no purpose other than for decoration and model. There are not many parts to the planes. There is a slot for the wings and for the externalities. It has also been painted to give it a better aesthetic appeal.

Mikey Moore – MW Section


This is F1 prototype , The foam cut out is a representation of a Formula One car featuring: the chassis with driver ,engine intake, front spoiler, wheels and axles, rear diffuser and rear spoiler. The car measure in at about  eighteen inches long, three inches wide and six inches in height. It use twelve interlocking pieces, eleven of the twelve are simple rectangles and circles. the main body/chassis was hand drawn on paper, a photo of the drawing was loaded into Inkscape and then traced and edited in the program. If I was to do this project again, I would add more detail  like A -arm suspension , a chassis that is more true to a F1 car with side ducts and vents, and more aero dynamics look a likes to include and under body tray or winglets on the spoilers.   

[Nick Mcneil] – [MW Section]

 3d guitar foam cutting. objtopath

For my F-F-Foam away project I made a guitar. I figured it would be an easy.

I also ended up waiting until the night before I was scheduled to for using the foam cutting

machine to design it.

Nathan Nixon – Engr101


I decided designing a cube, because the design is simple but still has a lot of interlocking parts. Another reason, is it seemed that a cube would be much more sturdy than some other designs, given it as all equal sides and a balanced base. Creating it was simple, since all the sides of the cube are the same dimension, the only dilemma was designing it so the interlocking pieces fit together properly. Since I know someone who recently had a baby, I wanted to make it a child’s toy, with different shapes on each side of the cube, but after realizing that the material might not withstand too much stress, I decided just to go with a cube layout.


cube svg

[William Penner] – [MW ]

So for my design I built a rocking chair out of foam. It was really quite simple really, the first thing I did was find a picture of a cool design of a rocking chair in google and then used a tool to copy all of the outlines. after that, its just shaping it how you want and making a seat and back rest and the tabs to fit in each. Duplicate the sides of the rocking chair and now you have a total of 4 pieces that all fit together nicely.

doing thing differently, I would have make the chair not quite as long and a little wider, but the result isn’t too bad how it is.


rocking chair

rocking chair