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William Penner mw 10:30

So I sent this to my dad Russ Penner ( who is an engineer) : 

The ideal engineer is a composite … He is not a scientist, he is not a mathe- matician, he is not a sociologist or a writer; but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems.
N. W. Dougherty (1955

and he sent this back


Engineers fix stuff.  Russ Penner 2013. 

[Kyle Offutt] – [MW 10:30]

My name is Kyle Offutt. I am 18 years old and I have lived in Wichita for my entire life. I went to Northwest high school. I was involved in the engineering program since my freshmen year and I was president of our engineering club. I was also involved in wrestling and tennis. The wide range of hobbies I have include drawing/painting, cell phone repair, playing and listening to music, cinema photography,  learning how to work on cars, and occasionally ghost hunting. My major at the moment is mechanical engineering.

I chose WSU because I was always told it was one of the best schools for engineering and it was close to home so I could save money. I was also fortunate enough to get scholarship money from the school which made it even better. A lot of the close friends I have are also attending WSU which is a bonus. I chose mechanical engineering because it is a broad field of engineering and I could apply the degree to many different careers. I have always been a person that has knowledge in a little of everything instead of one specific area so it fits me well. In 10 years I hope to be started on my career climbing the latter to a leadership role and be involved with world changing products and ideas.

My expectations for this class are very high. I would like a better understanding of programing and get use to the process of a building project and working with a variety of people. I believe this will also help me be more decisive on a career path and what interests me. Tesla is actually always been the engineering that has fascinated me most ever since my grandpa told me about him. I like the way that he wanted to create new revolutionary products that would help the world and he wanted to do it at no cost of the public. he was a very genuine person with the means to make the world a better place. and that’s what engineering should be about. Google calendar on my smart devices will be the thing that saves me this year as far as keeping organized goes.

[Nicholas McNeil] – [MW 10:30]

                Hello, my name is Nick McNeil. I was born and raised in Wichita, Ks. My hobbies include riding my motorcycle, fishing, hanging with friends, drawing, and shooting. My major is Aerospace engineering, but could possibly change as this class progresses and I learn more about the different engineering disciplines. I choose my major because I wanted to go to WSU to save money and they have a great aerospace engineering program and I figured I would try it out. What I hope to get out of the class is a better understanding of what engineering is. I will be keeping track of my homework assignments with an agenda. my email is

[Corey Bell] – [ENGR 101]

My name is Corey Bell, I am 18 years old and from Derby KS. Most of my time is spent working at Pizza Hut or hanging out with friends. I am majoring in Mechanical engineering, I chose this because I thought it would be challenging and gratifying. I enrolled at WSU because I live close to campus and they have a great engineering program. I plan on increasing my teambuilding and problem-solving skill in this class. My favorite engineer is Alexander Graham Bell (no relation). I plan on using my phone to keep track of my assignments this semester. my e-mail is   

Rueben Ramirez – [MW Section]

Hello Everyone! Boys & Girls, Cats & Squirrels… I’m Rueben Ramirez, I’m from

Wichita & my major is Computer Science. I decided Wichita State University because its close to home & has

a great engineering program.  My intentions after getting my education in Computer

Science is to get into Video Game Programming but it’s not set in stone. I’m taking

Engineering 101 so I can get a glimpse of what all of the engineering fields are like

& see if maybe another field is what Id rather be involved in. I’m using an agenda

to keep track of all of my assignments throughout the year.

My hobbies:  Play Drum-set, Ukulele, Video Games, Shuffle & Jumpstyle Dance,

Long Boarad & Hangout with friends.

Well time is running short everyone! Until Next Time!:D

Oh & my email is that one email. You know which one right? Okay Good.

William Penner – MW 10:30

me and my jeep

My name is Will Penner if you haven’t already gathered that. I am from Goddard KS, and am planning on majoring in Biomedical engineering.  My favorite hobbies are snowboarding and sailing. I am actually a sailing instructor at Cheney Lake. I decided to come to WSU because they had a good bioengineering program and it was not super expensive, which is a big selling point.  

 What I want out of this class is learn about the different kinds and applications of engineering. I want to be able to experiment with the different kinds of engineering. I don’t really have a favorite engineer, because I believe they were all important in their own write. I am going to keep track of my assignments by using a combination of a planner book and using Outlook.

my email is

example post

Tate S. Robertson

Me in front of my mom’s house.

Hello there, I’m Tate Robertson. I’m a native Wichitan (Born and raised). I went to Northeast Magnet High School for high school, and I’m part of the first class to graduate from the new building. I was part of the science magnet, and part of the engineering track. I took four engineering classes, provided by PLTW, while I was enrolled. My personal favorites were Aerospace, and Principles of Engineering. My personal hobbies include drawing, I enjoy doodling funny little comics; and hope they’ll make someone smile. I also enjoy movies, I’m a big fan of the Indiana Jones series, Pixar, Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho is my all time Favorite), Titanic (Which as fueled my interest in the ship). I enjoy watching many television shows, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Hannibal, and Bates Motel. 

I have many interest which includes, the Titanic, England, Music, and art/animation. It seems a little weird to be interested in an Ocean liner that sank over 100 years ago, but when I was three years old the movie had came out. My parents bought it and thought that since I was so little I couldn’t stay awake to watch the whole thing.  They were so wrong. After watching the WHOLE movie, I was hooked. I have surprised many of my friends with the information I’ve gained over 18 years of interest (I’ve even written to Dr. Bob Ballard the finder of the wreck site).  My interest in the UK would come from my family background. I have family coming from Mexico, and the UK (Scotland, England, and Wales). I feel the UK has brought forth the most influence to pop culture. From the Beatles, to Doctor Who and even to the Evolution of man, the UK as figure in almost everything. Which brings us to Music. I could probably right a book about how much I enjoy music. My Favorite bands are Pink Floyd and The Beatles. I grew up on classic rock, I would ride in the car, or truck, with one of my parents and we would be jamming to the radio. (By jam I mean, I tried to sing with the radio, but failed). It wasn’t until high school that I really began to listen to the Beatles, but I fell in love with their music. Then, my sophomore a friend of mine told me I should listen to the Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd. I was hesitant since he was the stoner of the school, but I gave it a shot; and I freaking loved it!! I decided to listen the full catalog of Pink Floyd, and enjoyed it all. (You’ll find me wearing a lot of Pink Floyd t-shirts). Finally with art, I used to doodle little lego Figures, because they were easy to draw, and didn’t take to much time to draw. Then I quit for a year, until my little sister started drawing; that was when I started to draw again. My favorite artists are My sister, and Salvador Dali. 

I’ve decided to come to WSU because it is in town, and if something bad were to happen to my family, I can race over to the house in less than an hour. I’m currently an Undecided Engineering major, I am however leaning to mechanical. I’m Thinking mechanical engineering because it covers a large field of jobs. From Engineering 101 I want to get a concept of each field of engineering, and determine which one I want to go into. My favorite Engineer might be Alexander Grand Bell or Robert Hutchings Goddard. First, have to seen Bell’s beard? and Goddard, I had to do a report on him in Aerospace, so I found his work interesting. In order to keep track of my assignments, I have purchased a planner, where I intend to right down my assignments.


In case you need to contact me my email is

I check it everyday after school, and before I go to bed. 

JD Lee – MW Section

Greetings, all!  I’m JD Lee, and a sophomore in ENGR 101 for the Fall 2013 semester.  Most of the time, I’ve lived in Newton, Kansas; however, I have lived in three states (and one Canadian province for a month).  I’ve visited all 48 continental states, and four provinces.  Traveling is one of my favorite things–as is music.  I play multiple instruments, and have a respectable record collection.  

Currently, my major is Bioengineering, but that will probably change.  An advisor in Engineering suggested I take ENGR 101 to get an overview of the different options available within the department, so I suppose getting an understanding of the various fields within engineering is what I hope to gain from ENGR 101.  I don’t really have a favorite engineer (unless I can count Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory).  

Ideally, I plan to keep track of my assignments this semester in a planner that I carry around in my backpack (or on my phone); unfortunately, real-world academic experience informs me this will probably fall by the wayside sooner than I’d like.  

Here is a photo from when I played guitar at my cousin’s wedding in June (I wish my hair still looked like this):

Playing guitar at my cousin’s wedding.

My email is j!d#l$e%e^1*@ this fine institution (dot) edu.  Catch you all later.

[Your Name] – [MW Section]

Hello, everyone. My name is Steven Manfull, or Steve for short. I was born in Wichita and raised in Valley Center, Kansas. I graduated there in spring of 2013, making me a freshman. I am interested in science and technology but have never done any sort of computer programming or designing of circuits, which are two of the things I am looking forward to learning. I competed in the Kansas BEST Robotics competition the last two years and had a blast doing it so I figured I should give engineering a shot. My major right now is Aerospace Engineering, but I am looking at changing it. I am not sure what I want to do exactly, only that I like science and like to influence people in a positive way. In my spare time I compete in archery tournaments around the country. The picture included was taken in Las Vegas at the largest indoor competition in the world, where I took 4th place. I also work at an archery shop; Diamond Archery, in Wichita, so I am always involved in archery.

What I want most out of this class is direction. As I said earlier, I am unsure of what I want to do as a career (I wish I could just shoot tournaments forever). I hope that this class will inform me of what kind of engineering I want to pursue, or if engineering is right for me at all. My favorite engineer would have to be Leonardo DaVinci, although that might be cliché. He has to be one of the most influential people of all time and made incredible advances not only in engineering and inventing, but in art, biology, and philosophy. Right now I am using a student planner to keep track of assignments but I might move over to a digital calendar once I get my technology problems sorted out.


Taken at the South Point Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

[Ben] – [MW Section]

I am from Wichita but I have studied in Salina and Hutchinson.  I enjoy reading and archery.  I decided to go into engineering because I have always been interested in new technology.  Two of my favorite engineers would have to be the Wright brothers.  I plan on using the calendar on my laptop to keep track of my coursework.