Task #4 Witwiki Project summary

When designing the rocket, we decided to go with a smaller bottle because we thought that less weight would help the rocket reach higher. We also would not have to worry about bringing enough water to the actual launching. The final design of the rocket had the steel shot wrapped in sticky foil, we did this because we thought that evenly distributing the weight would help the rocket maintain stability in the air. After learning of ballistics in Rye’s lecture the last class, we realized that wasnt going to help. The first test launch day did not give us the results we had calculated, however, the actual launch day our results were much better, apart from our rocket being completely obliterated at take off. We think this happened because the air pressure was put directly to the bottle and the attachments to the bottle just could not withstand the pressure. After the last launch we were satisfied with our rocket, considering what had happened.

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