Old Man River- MW 10:30

Team Members: Will Penner, Daniel Hughes, Tate Robertson, & Braden Tormey

Have you ever needed to cross a body of water? are you three inches tall? Well wait no more!

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  • The team has decided that the boat we are making will be 16-24in long, 6-8 in wide- and 8-10 in tall. The paddles for the boat will be 8 inches initally.
  • Our team will measure the following quantitatively
    •  Displacement, estimated at 1.5 pounds
    • goal speed, 2 mph, we will be measuring by feet or bathtub lengths and will provide that measurement and miles per hour also.
    • rotations per minute of our paddles.
    • We want to build a Steamboat replica that is able to float and propel itself through the water.
    • Our team wants the boat to:
    •  float,
    •  propel itself forward(or backward),
    •  maintain a certain load amount,
    •  and have 2 functioning paddle wheels.
  • We will need
    • Styrofoam
    • wires
    • (2) motors
    • (1) 9v battery
    • (1) plank of wood 1x4x6
    • (4) metal screws
    • (2) 3in long 7/16th diameter dowel rods
    • power adjustment knob.
  • there are no cost limitations, all materials are provided.
  • The product needs to be large enough to fit the two motors mounted onto the wood plank inside of its hull, with the working end of the motors poking out of the sides.
  • The only power limitations we can see at the moment is the 9 volt battery and with preliminary testing we have decided that will be all of the power we need to have.
  • The only safety concern is the moving parts being a hazard.
  • In the real world a Riverboat or Steamboat needs to be reliable to an extent, however they are more for entertainment that transportation, so as a business, to succeed it would need to be very reliable.  
September 23rd, 2013 9:08 am

Dear OMR,
I like Steamboats.
Tell me what you want your steamboat to do?
-How much will it carry?
-Does it float? What is the ship’s displacement?
-How fast does it go? meter/second; miles/hour ??
-Does it take on passengers? How many?

It appears most of your specs are qualitative not quantitative. Please provide quantitative specifications.

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