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MECK inc. 

Team Members: Mikey Moore, Eduardo Moran, Corey Bell, & Kirsten Manson

Thesis: How does the load affect the speed of the car at a constant rate?  

Device Description: We are designing a two car track system ran by 2 motors connected to each car which is pulled by a simple string and pulley system. Car one is the control of the system, which mean there is no load that could affect its performance. On the other hand the second car has an added load on the back. We are going to measure the change of weight of the load, the time it takes to finish the track. 


-  2 V9 Batteries (1.75″x1″x0.5″) 

-  2 Identical Hot Wheel Cars (Pickups) (1″x2″x0.5″) (34g) 

- 2 Canon Motors (DN26-T41N1B)

  • Nominal Voltage: 12
  • DC Motor
  • Voltage RAnge (VDC): 4-12
  • Current at Max (A): 0.25
  • Speed at Max (RPM): 6600
  • Torque at Max (g-cm): 34.43
  • Terminal Type: 0.11/Solder
  • Shaft Diameter (inches): 0.08
  • Shaft Length (inches): 0.30

- Weights (Grams)

  • Steel Fishing Weights: 10g, 20g, & 30g

- Wires (Varied length) 

- Track:

  • Wood Plank for Base: 3/16″x 3″x 24″ 
  • Spools: 

                  – 3/8″x 1/2″ (Smalls)

                  – 1/2″x 5/8″ (Medium)

                  – 3/4″x 5/8″ (Large)

  • Square Dowel Rod: 3/8″ 

                  – Cut into 12 Pieces; each 3″ Long Rods 

  • Foam Board: 20″x28″x3/8″

                  – Foam Cut into Four: 5″x28″

  • String: EZ Braid Spider Wire (Fishing Line)

                  – 10 lb 

                  – 110 YD

                  – 0.18mm

                  – Amount Used: Varies

Cost: All material provided, except for Hot Wheels 

Limitations: Same weight of Hot Wheels, Motor power, & battery type. 

Safety Concerns: None

September 23rd, 2013 9:41 am

Dear MECK,
Tell me more about your track.
How long is the track? inches or centimeters
How much do the weights weigh? grams, ounces
How big are the weights?
What is the tensile strength of the string?
How big in diameter is the string?

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