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Hello Blog, I’m Tom Wineland

I enjoy movies and hanging out with friends.  I’m close with my mother and father, I have a 6 month old daughter.  I’m From Overland Park.  My major could be Mechanical, or maybe Industrial.  I’m not really sure right now, which is the main reason I am taking this class.  In 5 to 10 years I would Hopefully have a Steady high paying job and I own my own place free and clear with no debt at all.  None of this is very likely, but a guy can dream.  I hope this class provides some insight into what being an Engineer would really be like, and how successful I could be at it.

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Hello Blog, I’m Dmitry Foster

[Sorry, I don't want this info up here for all to read]






Hello Blog, I’m John Pineda

Hello my name is John Pineda and i am a college freshman here at WSU

my hobbies include drawing, making music, cooking, and putting things together

im from the philippines and i immigrated here in america in 2001 

i plan to major in engineering, as to what, well, im taking this class to find out 



Hello Blog, I’m Mohammed Alyami

Hi everyone,

My name is Mohammed Alyami and I am from Saudi Arabia. I have three brothers and five sisters. My hobbies are playing soccer, video games and chess.

I am interested about new technology and computers. My major is computer science.

I see myself in the future having a good job in high position, living with a lovely family in big house. I hope from this class to learn more of using the lab and work with a team spirit.

Hello Blog, I’m Ben Cardiff


     I am Ben Cardiff.  I was born in Wichita, Ks in September of 1979.  I grew up in Independence, Mo from the age of two on.  After graduating high school in 1998 I joined the U.S. Navy.  I did five years active duty and worked on: hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, and robotics.  I had to learn to read blueprints and schematics and understand mil-spec technical publications.  I enjoy working on cars, fishing, and hunting in my leisure time.  That is when I get any spare time.  Between working full time, going to school full time and family I have very little spare time. I have four kids ages between one and ten, two girls and two boys.  I was going back and forth between mechanical and electrical engineering.  I have hopes that this class will help me narrow down which degree to pursue.  Within the next five years I plan to be working as an engineer outside of aircraft.  I do not want to work in aircraft because of the ups and downs and always worrying about whether or not I will have a job in the next year.  



Hello Blog, I’m Jordan Steinbrock
Hello Blog, I’m Robert Osborne

Picture Pending.

Hey everybody I’m Robert Osborne. I’m from Valley Center, Kansas and graduated from Valley Center High School. I’m majoring in Computer Science. My hobbies are programming, video games, and reading. I have 1 younger sister, 4 cats and a kitten, 4 dogs, fish, and a bird. In 5-10 years I hope to have graduated and working in a company developing software. I joined engineering 101 to explore related engineering courses like computer engineering.





Hello Blog, I’m Israel Taylor

Hey everybody, my name is Israel but you can call me Izzy if you want.  I grew up in Hesston, KS but moved to the Wichita Collegiate school during my sophomore year.  I am currently a freshman at WSU and am majoring in Engineering (leaning towards aerospace).  I am an only child and enjoy sports, hunting, and fishing.  In high school I played football and baseball.  I am a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.  If you want to know more I like to talk!


Twitter: @IZZYT34





Hello Blog, I’m Matthew Barnes


Hi I’m Matt, I’m a freshman this year and I plan on studying to be a engineer, although currently I’m undecided on what kind, I’ve lived in Goddard Kansas my whole life and graduated from Eisenhower High School, I hope to find out about the opportunities in the engineering field. It is nice to meet you guys.

Hello Blog, I’m Jacob Hoover

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob Hoover.  I graduated from El Dorado High School in 2007, and currently a senior  at Wichita State University.  I started my college days at Fort Hays State University.  At Fort Hays State, I competed for their golf team.  Now at Wichita State, I am finishing up majoring in Computer Engineering.  I have one sister that just graduated high school and is pursuing cosmetology school.  My hobbies would include sports, video games, but especially golf.  For this class, I hope it will fulfill my expectations of what engineering is and brings excitement to me.  I hope in my future that I become an Application Specialist at a hospital. 

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