Halloween Project Report – Team Jackson

Project Summary

The team’s goal was to create a box that, when triggered by a light sensor, would open the box and play a little bit of thriller. Unfortunately no team picture is available.

Team Members

John Pineda – Box design, structural design

Alex Townsley – Programming, box design

Dmitry Foster – Box design, refinement, assembly, blog writer

Project Challenges & Insights

Most of the project went smoothly, a few areas of trouble were the programming, the box design (the edges were cut incorrectly, and therefore had to be fixed), as well as the opening of the lid. Whereas the programming was difficult, it was eventually fixed with the programming expertise of Alex Townsley. The edges of the box were fixed by Dmitry Foster, the assembly then became very easy. The last problem left was the lid itself, the motor location was crucial for the lid to open (instead of the piece that opened the lid slipping halfway through). Eventually the optimal location was discovered, and the motor was put there, which fixed the problem of moving the lid, but created the problem of obscuring the visibility of the object inside (a small cutout of Michael Jackson). This was fixed by moving the cut-out.

Project Video

Unfortunately, due to the lack of pictures provided, it was impossible to create a video.


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