Foam Cutter Project – Team F14

Project Photo

builder and destroyer

I built it and my son destroyed it.

Project Summary

After Getting the project cut out of the foam and starting to put together using a paper airplane template to do a foam F-14 Tomcat.  Where it folded over another piece that was previously folded to that point I cut all folds out and pieced the plane together to get a model that resembled what it should look like.  After that I ran into the issue of weight distribution front and rear to get it to fly properly.  After one evening of work and still not having it fully weighted out, my now 16 month old got a hold of the plane and tore it apart.  I was happy to have a least a couple of pictures of what I had got done to that point. 


Team Members

Benjamin Cardiff builder of plane

Brendan Cardiff stress testing/destroyer of plane

Project Analysis

I picked this because it looked cool and I thought it would be easy to complete but I ran into snags that required me to modify the original design in order to make it go together. 

MATERIAL: 1/4″ foam, glue


Additional Project Info


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