Final Project Report – Team TopGear

Project Summary

Our project solved the problem of constantly needing to replace batteries in rc car remotes. We accomplished this by using our phone to control the arduino controlled 1972 chevelle. We based our work off numerous examples on instructables.

Team Members

Israel Taylor-Design/Construction

Chase Minor-Programmer

Project Design & Development

We first built the chassis for the car. Our ultimate goal was for weight to be as minimal as possible. The Chassis is constructed of cardboard and two metal rods that run through the cardboard. We then built the steering mechanism and attached the servo to control it. We then stole the gearbox, motor and wheels, from israel’s old RC car. Then we put 10 LEDs on the foam body. After installing all that we began to program the entire car system. We synced the bluetooth module to Chase’s phone and linked it through an app called BlueTerm. This allows for the forward, backwards, left, right, and stop commands able to be sent to the car. The car is very responsive and works very well.


Project Challenges & Insight

The main problems we encountered was getting Chase’s phone to conect to the arduino through bluetooth and the steering mechanism. For whatever reason the bluetooth would only link with certain apps. we had to switch the apps we used and in turn our entire code was switched. The steering was difficult to create a complex yet simple way to allow a servo to efficiently turn the wheels and still be able to support the cars weight.

Project Video

YouTube Preview Image


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