Final Project Report – Team Amazing

Project Summary

Our project used an Arduino that controlled solenoids cause piano hammers to hit metal tubes that are tuned to the C scale. We based our project off of the music box project.

Team Members

Robert Osborne-Programming, electronics.

Matthew Barnes-Building, design.

Jordan Steinbrock-Building, design.

Josh Chase-Building, design, video, pictures.

Project Design & Development

Our project combined aspects from a few of the previous projects. We used the metal chimes from the first project. Then we based what we wanted our project to do off of the Arduino song player project. To test our project we powered the solenoids to be sure that the hammers could hit the correct spot.

Our wiring

Our program:Final_Project_Programming

Project Challenges & Insights

The biggest challenge we had was figuring out how we could make the piano hammers hit the chimes. Originally we wanted to use a way similar to hitting a piano key, but that turned out to be too complicated. We then found that we could attach the solenoid to strings that were already attached to the hammers and use them to pull the hammer. One thing we learned from this project was to use things in creative ways to solve problems.

Project Video

YouTube Preview Image


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