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My Motivation – Nicole Ramirez – 09:30am

My motivation in life is to be happy and share that happiness with the world.  I want to help people and that is why I want to become a doctor. I want to become a a neonatal doctor like the one that saved my brother’s life when he was just a few days old. The amount of happiness that my brother has brought to me and my family I own to God and to that doctor.  I want to bring smiles like that ones that my brother has brought us to other families by saving their newborns. The best way that I can prepare to become a doctor is by becoming a bio-engineer. That extra knowledge on how the human body works and how technology can help it will make a better doctor. The experience I will require from engineering 2020 will give me the confidence I need in order to continue my medical career. Even if I don’t become a doctor, I will still be able to help out people because I will be developing technology the will help people in hospitals become better and happy. And I like engineering because it helps me develop my creativity when I present my projects. 

My Motivation – Kaleb Peaden – TR 9:30-10:45

I really wanted to become engineer at first because when I was a child of a young age because I would actually dismantle some of my electronic toys and take them a part and try to figure out how they worked. My mother actually pushed me towards it before i went to college so I decided I would take a few introductory classes before I made my final decision. I took engineering 101, digital design and i went to volunteer at shocker racing. After a month in digital design I decided I didn’t want to be an electrical engineer mostly because it just wasn’t for me. Engineering 101 was actually the only class I did enjoy but I realized after a while that engineering wasn’t the right path for me. I will probably be transferring to K-state in the next year so I can pursue my Architecture degree and well possibly architectural engineering. I took 3 years of drafting at Kapaun Mt Carmel and it was a fantastic program and got me hyped up for it. Even the math in the engineering aspect I enjoyed. 

My Motivation – Drew Pettigrew – 0930

For me, deciding to become and engineer was as simple as what involves math, science, critical thinking, and a decent salary. Math and science come very easily to me and I’ve never been given a problem I couldn’t solve so I set my eyes on engineering. Currently pursuing electrical engineering and I enjoy what I’ve learned so far except it seems to involve computers more than I would like and I prefer to stay away from computers. I have been warned that engineering isn’t as hands-on as I would like it to be but there really isn’t a way to tell until I actually do the work of an engineer.

My Motivation -Husnain Shafqat – 0930

Well! Lets start.

When i was a kid i wanted to be a sportsman and all i wanted was to play for my country. I never thought of doing  engineering  but as time passed i realized that we have to do something in our life i have to study and choose something else. So the only open field i had was engineering, when i did my Alevels i studied science subjects like physics and  developed interest in these subjects . As time passed i started liking these subjects and then i aimed to become an engineer.When i came to WSU i got lots of advises from my friends , cousins they said you should do electrical engineering its easy , you will get job easily and stuff like that. I wanted to do mechanical engineering i always had interest in cars .Now its also about the job you can get a job easily if you are a electrical and computer science major but that’s  my opinion.So finally i went with electrical. As i said i had  developed interest in Physics so i like to deal with the wiring and circuit kind of stuff that’s why i did wiring and structure in all my projects because i like doing it.So i don’t really have a motivation in doing this but i have aimed to do electrical engineering and i will do it.

My Motivation – Scott Farwell – 11:00

Ever since I was a young kid I was determined to become a doctor when I grew up a neurosurgeon to be exact.  I forged these aspirations when I was very young because a neurosurgeon, in my eyes was a prestigious job that was challenging to achieve, because I thought they were revered and respected by everyone, and because I knew they made the big bucks and I liked the feeling when peoples jaws would drop when I would answer the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  It was my plan and I was doing everything I could do to stick to this plan whether it was volunteering at hospitals or taking classes in high school that led into the health discipline.  I clung to this plan for a long time, it was my senior year in high school when I started to second guess this master plan, not because I didn’t think I could do it but rather because I finally questioned “is this what I want from life?”  By this time I had already decided I was going to attend WSU for my fall semester of school.  I still held on to this idea of being a doctor, however I started to open myself up to different ideas so I could find what I really wanted to do.  I had always had a vast interest in science especially with currents and quantum physics I loved the unanswered questions that left my mind to wander and question.  It was about this time that a good friend of mine introduced me to a game called Minecraft.  I’m going to be honest in the beginning I was skeptical I had heard it was a game where you could express your creativity and I had never viewed myself as a creative person, I was never good at art or crafts, nor did I have an interest in it, not really even anything like connects or Lego’s either, so I figured I would hate this game.  It turned out I was right I hated the game it had terrible graphics and it seemed like all together a waste of life.  It wasn’t until one bored day that I fell in love with the game, I had stumbled onto the knowledge of Redstone.  This is when I realized that I loved Minecraft for a different reason than the vast majority of people who play Minecraft.  I didn’t spend my countless hours building vast empires and great architectural feats like my friends, I spent my countless hours building and learning more and more about the intricate circuits of Minecraft, from simple automated openings to houses to complex circuitry feats such as calculators, coded doors, intricate elevators, and even a slot machine.  I loved and hated it I would toil away at a project until the wee hours depriving myself of sleep and driving myself mad trying to figure out circuits or to debug a project, I would get so pissed off when it seemed like there was nothing I could do to fix a problem, but I loved challenging myself to think through the problems until I figured it out and there wasn’t a better feeling than finishing a project, watching it work through the several tests that I threw at it, and then picking a new project to condemn the next week of free time to.  I learned so much from the game, I strengthened my knowledge on circuits and stumbled upon logic gates.  I didn’t have any idea what a logic gate was until one day when I had some trouble with a project so I looked up a tutorial to get me through part of it and it was labeling parts of the diagram with AND, NOR, NOT, XOR etc… gates that’s when I realized that at one point or another I had already created these gates and variations of them in my projects.  My friends would be building cities with each other and having wars with one another having no interest in what I thought made the game great as a consequence I spend most of the time playing the game in solitary, but it was still awesome I didn’t care what my friends were doing or what they wanted me to do I loved what I was doing.  I realized that I was creative it was just a different  kind of creativity what my previous definition of the word was.  I figured that the closest thing to getting paid to do what loved doing was to become an engineer so I changed my major to Bio-Medical engineering (because I had already geared several things to medicine and still had somewhat of an interest in it) and I enrolled in this class to learn more about engineering and stumble onto something that sparked my interest even more.  I’m so glad I did because this class is exactly what I needed to help guide me in the direction I want to take my life, and although I’m not sure exactly where that is, the beauty of it is that I have complete control of that I get to choose what I do and what I love doing and this class has helped me discover what that is and helped me weed out what that isn’t.  My aspirations have changed so much in one short semester from making lots of money and having people think that I’m some super driven person who is successful, to making myself happy and hopefully in doing what I love making my own impact on the world and on other people.  I learned that true drive isn’t necessarily gutting out something you don’t enjoy to become successful but rather that impulse to pursue the things you love doing  no matter the obstacles that are thrown at you .  To me my success isn’t measured by how much money I make or what other people think of me but rather by how happy I am, and that is why my new life goal is pretty simple, to love the hell out of every minute of it.

  I know that I went off on several different tangents with this post but your template did say let it flow…  I guess to sum it all up my motivation to become an engineer began when realized that I loved circuits in Minecraft, and I began to pursue engineering when I realized that I didn’t care so much about money and what others though of me but rather doing what I loved doing and what made me happy. 

My Motivation – Binh Dang – 9:30

“What are you going to major in?” A lot of people have ask me that question. I didn’t know the answer to that question after the first week of college. Looking at all the major that WSU provide, engineering was the most appealing to me. There are couple of factors why its appealing to me. My parents never ask me what do I want to do with my life or what do I want to major in. Even though they don’t ask me or force me to major in engineering, I know that they want me to pursue engineering. I was fortunate compare to my parents, I was able to receive a good education and get the chances to go to college. Being the oldest child, there are a lot of expectations from my parents. Another reason would be the salary. I don’t want the money so that I can be rich or anything like that. I just want to be able to get a good job and provide the basic need for my family. I want to be able to support my family. I want my parents to be able to relax and enjoy their life. They works so much to make sure that my siblings and I receive the best of what they can provide. I think my most of my motivations are from my parents. 

My Motivation – Muhammad Jahangir – Engineering 101(09:30 to 10:45)

So when i passed 7th grade and was going to 8th, where we have to choose whether you want to go in business field or sciences, my father asked me about it and i said business. haha! He said ok it’s your choice but i want you to research on advantages of choosing sciences field. So i did it and found that today the world is incomplete without scientific inventions and you almost cannot run anything, even a business without technology. That day i decided that i will discover what science is by studying it and later start a business that involves science and that day i decided to choose sciences as my field.

Well i am not sure whether it will happen or not but i will continue making my progress towards that.

Engineering provides us with every way toward discovering new things and learning how to operate technology e.g how a computer works or how to fix a radio.

Salary can also be one of the reason’s but in my case it doesn’t matter because i am not going to do a job.after graduating i will start a business. I might work for a few year’s for experience.

So the main motive of choosing engineering was that i decided to learn about science whether i pursue my career in this field or not.

The inventions and contribution of science to human life will always motivate me. 

My Motivation – Luis Cancino – 1100

      Well lets see how do i start. Mmmmmmmmmm, Well being honest when i enrolled at WSU i really didn’t know what career to pursue. And well when you enroll it asks to choose a major i looked at all the options available and the ones that caught my attention where the engineering majors. I decided to go for engineering, i was going in blind and not really sure if it was the right thing for me but well i didn’t have nothing to loose trying it. I have to be honest the first day i walked into this class i was ready to just quit that class. As i walked in and looked at everyone inside i told myself i didn’t belong their, everybody looked so smart how could i compare myself to them. It just felt like engineering wasn’t for me like i wasn’t smart enough to achieve a major in engineering. I felt like that for the first couple of weeks. I was ready to drop that class i told myself it wasn’t for me. My girlfriend at that time was very supported with me and i told her how i felt and that i wanted to change majors because engineering seemed to hard for me. When i told her that she just told me that she believed in me and that if i really wanted a major in engineering i could accomplish it no matter how hard it seemed. She had this special thing, how do i explain it mmmmmmmm she had a magic way of motivating me. If anybody else had told me they believed in me and that i could manage to be in the engineering program i wouldn’t care i would of still drop out, that’s how much she motivated me. She was my motivation everyday to do my best everyday. I could say she was my life my everything. I would like to take this time and space to thank her wherever she is for motivating me, thank you Alexis.  Half way during this semester her and me well went separated ways. It was a really hard time in my life i was feeling really down and i stop showing up to school for some weeks. My grades just went down in every single class. But then i remember what she told me about my class and i decided to get back up on my feet and do my best. She wasn’t with me but her words were stuck in my mind. When you loose someone you really care for it makes you stronger. I think ‘m getting way of the topic here, sorry i just had to explain one of the main reasons i’m here. Now as i have worked in many projects trough out the whole semester i really have enjoyed the engineering program. Yes the money is important but they always tell you that choose a career you love not just for the money. I’m starting to enjoy engineering and its many programs. I want to be somebody in life that could change things or improve things for people and society. I want to make a change in life. I have many of motivations for being in engineering program i can’t name them all. I guess all i can say is that i want to be an engineering to be somebody, to change things, to make a difference and like some people say for good money.

My Motivation – Colton Berblinger – 1100

My motivation for becoming an engineer came from lots of different reasons. First and probably one of the biggest was a family history of small engineers. My father was an engineer and now works at Beachcraft. Many cousins and uncles of mine are also engineers so i always had it in my mind that I would be one too. Another reason would be the money. I don’t want the money to be rich and famous but I feel money is a sense of security. I want to have a family and provide well for them some day and money is a needed to do so. I feel the more I can make the easier life will be and with the security of a paycheck I can also focus on my family as well. One of the last reasons for being an engineer is because as a little kid building and being hands on is what I love to do. I haven’t always been the technology type of hands on but the building large projects and working with tools is what I really love. No other field has all the makings of what I love to do and all I hope is that in the future I can have a job where I support my family by creating and making something that benefits others and other families as well.

My Motivation – Bobby Gaylor – 930

While growing up, I was exposed to a few things that was cultivating interest in Computers/Engineering without realizing what was happening. I took a typing class in the 7th grade on typewriters. This was because computers hadn’t been proliferated through my school. As a matter of fact, I believe they were still costly enough, it was a major financial decision for a school to construct a computer lab and course. I found that typing was a very natural skill I would hone over the next decade. 

Prior to the mentioned typing class, LEGO and K’nex were my choice toys. I remember receiving the K’Nex big ball factory for Christmas one year. I spent 13 hours, staying up all night, to build it alone.

Throughout my child hood I had accumulated two large ammunition crates overflowing with LEGO and another two crates with K’Nex. Every family member knew  the gifts I would request for Christmas and birthdays. 

I believe it was the 8th grade when my parents bought the first home computer. I soon realized what I wanted to do in life. I can’t count the number of times I trashed this PC and had to restore from disc because I tried to keep it clean and tidy. Little did I know, all those .ini files weren’t simple text files and were needed in the system folder. I soon found the ability to download(over 56k) trial versions of games. A gamer was born and I was hooked. I eventually found ways to squeeze a little more functionality out of the game by downloading “file cracks” files to unlock features or enhance the free version by using Netscape Navigator. Patience was a virtue and persistence was his friend. Shortly after I found saving money to pay for the full version required less effort.

While in high-school I took an apprenticeship working with a family friend to fix computers. He was the one-town techie and a former Vietnam vet. So that made for an interesting experience and it began to instill discipline and expose me to the hardware side of computers. I elected to go to vo-tech half the day for my junior and senior years. This added a structured learning experience and kept me engaged and curious how everything worked in the world of computers.

I graduated and was distracted with a good labor job here in Kansas. I worked for two week planning and erecting scaffold at the fuel refinery in McPherson before I was promoted to a team lead and given my own team. I suppose the years of K’nex had paid off and I found great joy in figuring out how to build scaffolds in difficult places such as 180 feet above ground hanging from a catwalk so a welder could weld onto the bottom of the walkway. For the next few years I didn’t get back to what truly interested me…computers. 

I deployed to Afghanistan and was gone for a year and a half. Afterwards I decided it was time to refocus. I enrolled at WSU and was fortunate enough to have found an entry level IT job. I worked in IT for 2 years while going to school, deployed again and came back. I have slowly made my way through most of the degree and continuously find projects such as our LED tower to learn and expand. 

I sometimes regret I didn’t get directly to school instead of the labor job, but I think it all happens for a reason. Our job is to interpret the reason and adjust to move forward. 

My Motivation – Jayme Fuentes – TR 0930

I have chosen computer engineering for a few reasons. The number one reason for pursuing a career in engineering is because when I was growing up, I did not have any tech toys or technology in general around me, so when I was exposed to technology I became very curious as to how it worked and how it was put together. The first time I used a computer I was blown away and could not get enough of it. Now, as a young adult I still have that passion for putting my hands on everything that is new in technology in regards to computers, phones, televisions, tablets, video games etc.. Technology makes my life SO much easier and I just can not get enough of it. I want to contribute to the future of technology and create the next best thing. The second reason of course would be the paycheck!! I want to be able to provide for my wife and son while doing something I love and I feel that a career in Computer Engineering will give me that opportunity. Lastly, I had a wakeup call a few months after my son was born. I was working at a bank, doing mortgage loans at the time working with many friends and people I knew for years, but I was not satisfied. Although I was making enough money to support my family, I was not enjoying my job enough to see myself doing that for the rest of my life. I had a tough decision to make, because if I chose to enroll at WSU that meant leaving behind our friends and family and stability to roll the dice and finish school. Ultimately, I enrolled and we packed up our things and moved to Wichita. Now, there is no turning back! These are just a few reasons as to why I am motivated and why I chose Computer Engineering.