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Hello Blog, I’m [Luis Cancino] – [1100)]


Hi my name is Luis Cancino, i’m a freshman here at WSU.

  • Hobbies- Play soccer
  • Interests- My love Alexis
  • Family- 1 brother
  • Where you originate from- I come from the central part of Mexico
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why- Right now im an undecided engineering
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years- With my degree and working in a good company
  • What you expect or hope this class provides-To help me decide what program of engineering i want to go into.
If you would like to contact me email me at
                              MY PROJECTS!!!

Project Team Name


Foam Luis Cancino  Foam – Luis Cancino
Arduinoween Dead Baby Dead Baby

Final Project

El Juego Tic Tac Toe 5000

  Motivation   Luis Cancino   Motivation – Luis Cancino



Hello Blog, I’m Kevin Tran – 9:30

Introduce yourself to the class! Let us know who you are and include a picture of yourself so people can associate your real-life body with your online presence! You might also include:

  • Hobbies- i play soccer and the guitar and the piano
  • Interests- sports and music
  • Family- Mom dad broher, and a sister
  • Where you originate from-Vietnam
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why- Mecahnical engineering because i likke hands on activities
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years- having a job after college
  • What you expect or hope this class provides- An introduction and informative class to engineering

If you’d like, you can also include contact information for your classmates to get in touch. This could include:

  • Your email
  • Your facebook
  • Your twitter
  • Your instagram
  • Your snapchat 
  • Your whatever-the-kids-are-into-nowadays





Hello Blog, I’m Jerami Daniel – 0930

Hello, I’m Jerami Daniel. I am a freshmen here at wsu. I am from benton, which is about 20 mins est of wichita.  I graduated from circle high school.  My major is Electrical  

Engineering. Some of my hobbies are guitar, reading, and wrestling.  I am wrestling for wsu this year. In five years 

 I see myself graduating from wsu and starting my career.


Hello Blog, I’m Kip Landwehr – TR (0930)

Hi, I’m Kip. No, Kip is not short for anything. It’s just Kip.

  • My hobbies include playing Quidditch,  doing homework and taking naps because I don’t have time to actually sleep anymore.
  • My family includes my mom, dad, brother that is two years younger than me, sister that is five years younger than me and 3 dogs.
  • I’m originally from Goddard, KS and still live there.
  • My major is currently Computer Engineering but I may decide to change it to some other kind of engineering.
  • In 5 or 10 years I will probably see myself in a mirror.
  • I hope this class helps me decide for sure what kind of engineering I want to study.



My Projects
Project Group Links
SLaP! Helicopter Report
Refactor the World    
All Roads Start at Foam Kip Landwehr Report
Arduinoween Hylians Report


Hello Blog, I’m Rakan Alyami – [TR 0930]

Hi guys, I am Rakan Alyami.I am 26 years old. I have  been in the states for three years. I studied at Emporia State for three years. I am in my first semester here in Wsu, and my major is Industrial Engineering. I like to spend my free time playing soccer, swmming and being outdoors. I was born in Saudi Arabia.  Najran is the city  where I was born and raised. I have four sisters and four brothers. We are very close. We enjoy spending time as a family . My father traveled for work and my mother took care of my family.  We visit other relatives often, that live in other regions near us. My goals here  in america are to recieve a degree in industrial engineering, and to learn more about the american culture and how it differs from saudi arabia and to master the english language. I am wanting to take my degree back home to better my future and my families. I am excited to show my family and friends what I have learned here , and to teach them some of the many things I have learned.




Heber Jimenez-Mendez 1100

Hello, my name is Heber but you can just call me Heeb. Some things I enjoy doing are swimming, basketball and i like to do a little hunting. I also really like to listen to music, watch some comedy especially Kevin Hart; that guy is to funny! My family is from a small town in southwest Kansas called Hugoton. I am majoring in computer engineering, cause I really like to take electronics apart and thought it was always cool to mess with the tiny little parts. I see my self moving to some where in Texas close to my family down there, and hopefully working for a major corporation. What i expect out of this class is that i gain a bigger interest in engineering.


Facebook: Heber Jimenez

Vine: Heber Jimenez


 My Projects

Name Team Links
Slap A+ Travelers Specs/Report
Foam  Heber  Iron Man
Arduinoween Donna the Diva  Donna the Diva



Hello Blog, I’m Avery Barker – TR 1100

My name is Avery Barker I’m in my sophomore year at WSU this year I plan to major in computer science. I actually lived in Independence, Kansas for 17 years, went from pre-k to 12th grade there and 1 year at the community college.

  • Hobbies: Longboarding, walks, collecting vinyls, chilling
  • Interests: Music, computers, women
  • Family: Mom, Dad and younger brother 
  • Where you originate from: Kansas City, KS
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why: Computer Science because I enjoy problem solving and helping people
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years: In my career with a family
  • What you expect or hope this class provides: An idea of how the engineering world is gonna be like

If you’d like, you can also include contact information for your classmates to get in touch. This could include:

  • Your email:
  • Your facebook: Avery Barker
  • Your twitter @WestsideBarker
  • Your instagram: don’t have
  • Your snapchat :D on’t have
  • Your whatever-the-kids-are-into-nowadays


Project Group Links
Cow Alarm Team Cow Specs/Report



Hello Blog, I’m [Colton Berblinger] – [(1100)]

I am Colton Berblinger! 

  • I enjoy snowboarding and wakeboarding
  • My interests include cars and music
  • I am the second of two kids with an older sister.
  • I have lived in Goddard, Kansas my whole life.
  • I am an undecided engineer because I am still exploring what side of engineering I want to do
  • In 5 years I hope to be working and traveling for some kind of engineering company.
  • I hope to gain experience with building and coming up with ideas and the process of being an engineer

If you would like to contact me my email is



Hello Blog, I’m Michael Acker – 11

Hello! I am Michael Acker, and I have been an engineer since I was a kid. I am often building or writing code, and when I am not doing either of those I am generally eating or playing music. I also enjoy video games, although I don’t tend to have time for those anymore. I’m a Kansan, born and raised, and I like it here quite a bit. I was homeschooled for most of my life, so going to college is a very refreshing return to my original culture for me. In 5 years I intend to have a degree, work in engineering, and start a family. I hope this class provides a good introduction to the college style of engineering so that I can continue into more advanced classes and start building really awesome stuff :D

In engineering 101 I made a mooing door alarm:

a foam triforce tessellation:

a pumpkin that vomits candy at people walking by:

and a powerful robotic arm:


Hello Blog, I’m Adam Pierson – 1100

Sorry I’m so late with this, it’s not because I don’t care, but because Im super super into Halo at the moment. I’m Adam Pierson, Im 19, and I’ve lived in Wichita my entire life. Im a huge gamer if you haven’t figured that out yet, and I mean huge, like I will play anygame that you put infront of me. I also play tabletop games like dungeons and dragons, i collect cards (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, WoW, Vanguard) anything that is considered nerdy and lame im into and I’m not afraid to show it cause life sucks when your hide shit so i dont do that. Im a computer science major, I want to do videogame programming, maybe get a job for Bungie. This blog is becomming one huge ass sentence cause I don’t feel like going all grammar Nazi on it. In like 5 years i see myself moving to California to begin doing computer game programing, and in 10 years or so I see myself comming back to wichita and starting my own gaming company. Got a few names picked out, hopefully no one will take them before I do. That is about all i can think of so ill add my xbox live name Hamburzerker, can call me hammy or some shit, idk im used to it by now. I know this account seems like its lame for such a huge gamer since it only has 5k GamerScore, but there is a story behind this. My first account was on some old email, that got hacked, and then blah blah blah……… and then i cant get it back because i cant get the email etc so like 4 years of work to get 30k gamerscore are gone and im starting over. Here is a picture of me with my amazing girlfriend who is short as shit.

Project Group Links
SLaP! Team Cow Specs | Report
Dien Kien – 1100

Aloha, My name is Dien Kien. I was born in Vietnam, and migrated to the States in the late 90′s. I graduated from Derby High School 08′, briefly attend Butler CC for two semester before i enlisted in the Army in the late 09′,  I was station in Hawaii, and deploy to Iraq in 2010-11. I  enjoy the beach very much, hiking, and anything fun under the sun. I have one brother, he was in the army too. I am also marry to my beautiful wife Rachel. I am plan to Major in computer engineering. I  hope this class can give me an idea of what it is like to be one. In 5 years i hope to earn my degree, after i am plan to enlist in the Air force as an Officer.



Name Team Name Links
SLaP! A++ Travelers Spec/Report
Refactor Dien Kien Boarding Procedure
Foam Dien Kien The Nautilus
Arduinoween Donna the Diva Donna the Diva
Final Project  el Juego Tic Tac Toe 5000
Hello Blog, I’m Scott Farwell – 1100

Hello I am Scott Farwell a freshman here at WSU. My hobbies include playing video games networking with friends sports, and redstone circuitry on Minecraft. I’m extremely interested in several aspects of science especially quantum physics and studies of the universe. I was born in Topeka Kansas and was raised in a small town called Lyndon. I graduated from Lyndon High School, and am currently considering a major in biomedical engineering. Five to ten years from now I see myself in post-secondary school pursuing a career in either the medical or engineering field. I hope to learn about all of the different fields of engineering offered here at WSU so I can find what I truly love doing.

Project Group Links
SLaP! TheDoofensmirtz Specs |Report
Refactor the World Scott Farwell Specs |Report
All Roads Start With Foam Scott Farwell Report
Audruinoween Sexy Pumpkins Report
Final Project group trebuchet Report

Project Links
Videogame Report
Motivation for engineering Report
Dhafer Almustanyir

Hello , My name is Dhafer Almustanyir , I’m from Saudi Arabia exactly from the south part of my country, our city called Najran. 

I came here to U.S. in December 2010 . The first college I attend in here was Emporia State University . I was going for Computer Information System major , I stay in there for three years . Then I diceaied to chang my major to Industrial Engineering which is Emporia State doesn’t have it , so I transferred to here . 
I change my major because when I think about it , I find that I will get better job back there in my country , also I want to  be as my father because I’m always proud of him and what he been doing . 
I like playing soccer a lot , I usually play twice a week . I played with Emopria State team for the   last two semester befor I moved to here . 
I also like to read historic stories , I feel that it is good to know how they use to live , and how life been change since then until now. 
We have a big family , I have eghit sisters and six brothers , one of my brothers is here with me , khalid and I always together even in this class ,we help each other to go throug this life and get what are we looking for in the future .
This is something about me and my life  I so glad to let you know about me as well as I got to know about all of you 
My Nike name in Facebook is Dhafer Alyami 
Thank you

Hi guys .

My name is Khalid ALmustanyir , I am originally from Saudi Arabia i came to US 2011 , i was studying in Emporia State

University , then i transferred to WSU that because my major is not available in ESU which is industrial engineering , and this

semester is my first semester here in WSU . I choose this major for many reasons one of them is my father is industrial engineer 

,  and i like the factory’s live :) , so i think if you like the place you working in you will do great job .

My favorite sport is play soccer , i really like play soccer , and i was playing in the soccer club in ESU and now i playing in the

soccer club here in WSU . i watch movies a lot spicily dancing movies such as “step up ” .

My family is a big family comparing to families here in US , i have 6 brothers and 8 sisters , and one if my brothers is with us in 

this class his name is Dhafer ALmustanyir  .

I think this class will give me a good idea  about engineering since it’s my first semester in my new major

“industrial engineering”. 

you guys can connect me on facebook “khalid alyami ” . 


Name Team Name Links
SLaP! A++ Travelers Spec / Report
Refactor khalid almustanyir Refactor the World
Foam basket  basket
Arduinoween Dead Baby Dead Baby

Final Project

Christmas toy

 Christmas toy

Hello Blog, I’m Sidney Lendall – 930

Hi my name is Sidney Lendall but I like to be called Sid. I am from Coffeyville, Kansas originally. It is not a fun place to be, so no recommendations on going there. I moved here when I was twelve.

I have two brothers named Ethan and Wyatt both younger than me. It is not always that awesome. haha.

I graduated in 2010 from Northwest High School, then I went to Butler to start my degree in Economics, then went to Friends to continue the Degree but I decided that that field was to boring and switched to engineering, which brought me here to WSU.

I like watching and playing football. I even have a half dozen fantasy leagues that I am in. I also love playing chess whenever I find someone that will play me. Oh and I love madden, and RPG’s and video games in general.

My plan after getting a degree at WSU is the military, U.S. Air Force. I want to do my four years and then start a long term career possibly, as long it takes me far away from Wichita.

So that is Sid in a nutshell.

If you want to hit me up just find me on FB, Sidney Lendall, it is the one with me with a gun not the one with the hoodie.



Zelda Treasure Chest



Hello Blog, I’m Zachary Ellis – [1100]

MY Projects:

Project Group Links
SLaP! Chupacabras Specs|Report

Hey, My name is Zac, and I like to Party! I’m a Freshman at WSU. My hobbies include chillin’with my amigos, Ballin’ on the court (both basketball and tennis), beasting randoms online on Xbox, and finishing all of my assignments at a responsible time ;) I also loved playing football through high school. My family is rather small, I just have one sister who is in high schoo. I was born in Yuma, Arizona then I moved to Miami when I was four. I eventually came to Wichita in the seventh grade. I am majoring in bioengineering but I want to see how this class was first before I offiially take my talents to whatever majoring field. In the next 5-10 years I see myself getting my masters degree. I hope I take from this class the different disciplines of engineering to offically decide. Keep it real everybody! See you all tomorrow!



Hello Blog, I’m [Muhammad jahangir] – [TR 09:30-10:45(ENG 101 - 16057-201410)]
Hi Guys, 
I am Muhammad Jahangir but go by Jahangir. I am originally from Pakistan and moved here in Spring 2013. I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and this is my second semester here. Though I am sure about my major but I still would like to explore what different engineering majors have to offer. 
I enjoy working out, playing cricket and XBOX is my favorite activity in leisure time. I am really excited about this class and that my cousin is with me in this class. I am hoping this would be a great semester.
If anyone wants to approach me hit me an email at( )


The avengers (false alarm)

All roads start at foam


Refractor the world

Final project.

Hello Blog, I’m [Britton Farney] – [1100]

My name is Britton Farney I am a freshman. I was a recipient of the Dean’s Scholar. In my spare time I like to play basketball, hang with my friends, and watch movies. I am interested in the human body and how it works. I am the oldest of four children. I have two dogs at home. My major is bioengineering. I choose bioengineer because it has a better job opportunity if I don’t go to medical school right away. Also, a bioengineering degree will stand out when I go to fill out my application for medical school. In 5 to 10 years I hope to be done with medical school and be doing my residency. From this class, I hope to reinforce my choice to do bioengineering and have fun along the way.



Project Group Link
SlaP! Chupababras Specs|Report



Hello Blog, I’m ZakHassouneh – (11:00-12:15)

Hi! My name is Zak Hassouneh! I am a freshman here at Wichita State. Some of my hobbies are hanging out with my clique (Britton, Ellis, and Alex, who all happen to be in our class). I love to workout and try to get as big as a guy who is on steroids, but I do it the natural way! I also like to play tennis, eat food, and game. I am interested in every type of machine and curious how parts work with each other, it amazes me. My family, I have one brother and two sisters, which two of them already graduated here from Wichita St. and the third is in her junior year here. I originate from here and have lived here my entire life, besides one year when I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. I am debating on my major between aerospace engineering or pre-med. In 5-10 years I see myself still in school perhaps getting a masters or doctors degree in whatever I major in. I hope this class helps me decide my major between the two I’m debating on and to see if I want to go down on the engineering path! I look to have a great time in this class!

HMU on the following:

Follow me on Twitter @daddy_HOSSouneh

Follow me on Instagram @daddy_HOSSouneh









Refractor the World!



All Roads Start at Foam




Partner: Zac Ellis


Final Project

Team Enterprise


Hello Blog, I’m Derrick Contreras – 0930

Hi, my name is Derrick Contreras. Born and raised in Atchison Kansas, I grew up as a single child with my Dad. I’m currently enrolled at WSU in the engineering, but I’m considering switching to physics. Ten years from now I hope to be working on research in whichever field I choose, making good money. I hope this class helps inform me on the different aspects of engineering. Some of my hobbies include tennis, exercising, and spending time with my fraternity brothers at ΣΦΕ.

 Here is some links to my project Submissions:


 Project       Team Name      Link  
SLaP! The Airbenders SLaP Overview
Hello Blog, I’m Kaleb Peaden – 930

Hi, I’m Kaleb,

  • Ive played tennis for over 10 years
  • My interests include… making money, then spending it all on once.
  • Im the youngest in my family
  • From wichita, went to Kapaun Mt Carmer
  • Was going to do electrical engineering, not so sure anymore
  • i see myself in 5 years sitting on a beach on my own private island shooting a cannon at passing boats while drinking whiskey and rum with my family.
  • I hope this class will provide me with the mind set on what I really want to do the rest of my life.
  • Do not try to add me on facebook, thank you.
  • ΣΦΕ





Hello Blog, I’m Andrew – 0930

I’m a farm boy from the small town of Dexter, KS. I have three younger brothers and an older sister. My hobbies and interests include anything outdoors, anything that goes boom, and Xbox, of course. My major is Electrical Engineering with a minor in industrial perhaps. No idea where I’ll be in the future. And I hope this class provides me with an A.




Project Group Name Report/ Specs
SlaP! Avengers

SlaP Specs/SlaP Report

Refactor Drew Pettigrew

 Refactor the World

Arduinoween Finger Chopper


PWN TEH NOOBS FTW Irate Flightless Bird


Final Project Progtronics

 LED Tower

Motivation Drew Pettigrew





Hello Blog, I’m Michael Kay – TR 11:00


Hello my name is Michael Kay. I’m from Portland, Oregon. I am a huge Texas longhorns fan, and love to watch basketball. I love video games, and suck at them at the same time. My family consists of a sister and my parents. I plan on majoring in the field of aerospace engineering, in the hopes of working for NASA one day. in five to ten years I see my self graduating from college and designing planes, and spaceships. I hope that this class will help me solidify what i want my engineering major to be.

Hello Blog, I’m Marlo Griffith – TR 9:30

Hey I’m Marlo! I’m taking this class because I am just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life! I have three jobs, one is a nursery attendant at my church; and two are on campus, one as a student assistant and one I start Friday in the Scene Shop for WSU and I will be helping build sets for all WSU plays (TICKETS ARE FREE FOR STUDENTS TO ALL FINE ARTS EVENTS!). I’m a Senior at WSU (because I did Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering for my first three years and then realized…I don’t know if this is what I want!). Right now I am taking a variety of classes including some in Technical Theater, drawing, Electronic Media, and this class. 

  • Hobbies: I love to watch movies, reading, rowing, Tumblr, just doing whatever is fun that day.
  • Interests: Watching television, films, sleeping, theater, building things, sound, lighting, just fun things!
  • Family: Mom, dad, sister, and everyone else
  • Where you originate from: Europe?
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why: Well right now I am technically electrical engineering but if this class helps me stick with engineering then maybe I’ll do engineering technology or bioengineering….but I really have no idea at this point.
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years: Absolutely NO idea. I think I just want to be doing everything.
  • What you expect or hope this class provides: To either stick with engineering and help me decide a major or to switch out.

Contact me anytime!



Project Group Links
SLaP! The Avengers

Specs | Report

Refactor the World Self  Can Opener
All Roads Start at Foam Self Foam Fox
Arduinoween Anthony and Marlo Halloween LED Light Show
 Final Project The Gift of Music   Christmas Music Box


Hello Blog, I’m Rochell Delevante – TR 1100


My name is Rochell Delevante  

I’m originally from Panama in Central America.  I moved to Brooklyn New York with my family at an early age.  I am an Air Force veteran who enjoys to travel and my goal is to visit a different country every year.  So far I’ve been to England, France and Panama so I have more to go.  I enjoy volunteering and I had a great opportunity to be a lunch buddy mentor for three years.  I enjoy working out.  

After working 6 years in social services, I decided to make a career change in Computer Science.  The decision to leave my full time job and return to school was extremely overwhelming.  Computers is very new to me so if you have any advice that you will be willing to give, e-mail me at  


Name Team Name Links
SLaP! A++ Travelers Spec / Report
Refrac  Rochell Delevante Refrac
 Foam  Rochell Delevante  Choices
Arduinoween “Donna the Diva” “Donna the Diva”
Final Project El Juego Tic Tac Toe 5000
Hello Everyone, I’m Binh Dang – TR (0930)


Hello! My name is Binh Dang. I’m a freshmen at WSU of course. Initially I wasn’t planning to major in engineering at all but just before summer start. My cousin told me that she was going to major in engineering. That was when I decided to follow my cousin and major in engineer. You might not know but the girl that sit next to me in class is actually an alien. It was hard but I come to accept the fact that I have an alien cousin. So far, I’m interested in mechanical engineering and hopefully in time, I will graduate with mechanical engineer. 

  • painting and drawing. listening to music. 
  • anything that is interesting or less popular 
  • I have two sisters and one brother. 
  • I was born in Vietnam. 
  • I’m thinking of mechanical engineer. 
  • I don’t like to look into the future much. I always try to take advance of what I have right now and make the best out of it. But hopefully in 5 years, I will be graduating with mechincal engineer and hopefully get a good job. 
  • I just hope that this class will show me more about the different kind of engineer there are. Hopefully by the end of the semester, I would know for sure what I want to major in. 

I loves to meet new people and make more friends. Here is my email address  

My Project

Project Group Links
SLaP! Never Alone  Spec and Report
Refactor the World! Binh Dang Report
All Roads Start at Foam Binh Dang Report
Arduinoween Dang Team Spec and Report
Never Alone! Christmas Edition Never Alone   Spec and Report




Hello Blog, I’m Danny Seltenreich – TR 11:00-12:15

Hiya guys! My name is Danny. I’m from a small town just outside of Wichita called Colwich. Pretty much my only real hobby is playing computer(League of Legends mostly). Whenever I’m not doing that I’m usually listening to music or finding new music that I can later listen to. My love for music also explains why I spent a fair amount of money on my car audio. I also enjoy partying on the weekends with friends and doing completely legal stuff!

I have one older sister and one younger brother.

I’m from MURICA!!

I’m planning on majoring in computer science cause I enjoy messing with code and other software programs. I don’t live outside of the matrix so I can’t really see where I’d be in 5 or 10 years. I hope this class makes me enjoy the wonders of coding and other programming things so that I can hopefully get a degree in it.

If you want some personal information from me you’ll have to get it from me in person because I like being social.


Project           Group           Links         
 Slap!  Doofenshmirts   Specs | Reports
Foam  Train  Blog post
Arduinoween R.I.P. Blog Post
Final Project Arrduino Alarm Blog Post



Hello Blog, I’m Harrison Shellhammer – ENGR 101 TR (11:00-12:15)

Hey everyone I’m Harrison! This is my first year here at Wichita State!



  • Hobbies
    • I’m really into extreme sports! I raced supercross/motocross from the age 3-18. I am also really into wakeboarding, fishing, bmx, and skateboarding. I’m terrible at skateboarding but I like to think that I’m decent enough to get a nice deck. I have a very nice bmx bike and have thought about racing out at Park City’s track near the skate park there and seeing what I think of it, but I don’t have that much time. I don’t remember how many times I went fishing with some buds this summer, so if anyone is going count me in! No I don’t have a boat to go wakeboarding, but I have some friends from high school that love the “shred stick” so I join them when they go! 
  • Interests
    • I’m interested in women. Haha, no most of my interest are above but I did leave out the fact that I have built and flown model airplanes in high school as well as gas powered r/c cars!
  • Family
    • I have a younger sister and an older brother. My Dad and Mom have split up but they both live in Wichita. I currently live with my Popp’s
  • Where you originate from
    • I’m from Wichita KS but I did live in Springfield MO for eight years of my life!
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why
    • Mechanical or Civil engineering is what I would like to think will be the major I graduate with but right now I really don’t know!
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years
    • In five years I can see myself just finishing up college completely! Thank God! I also see myself with a wife and maybe trying or expecting a new born! I’m a family guy, I really just want to be a father. It would be nice if I married a neurological surgeon but you cant always get what you want! =D
  • What you expect or hope this class provides
    • I’m expecting this class to guide me into what type of engineering would be best for me. It might also help me decide if engineering is really the major I want to pursue. 

If you ever want to hang out or have any questions, because I know I will, you can reach me at 316-737-5896.



 My Projects

Project Group Links
SLAP! The Doofenshmirtz Specs | Report
Refactor the World! ME!  Refactor
All Roads Start at Foam ME!  fOAM


Hello Blog, I’m [Ryan Robey] – [11:00-12:15]
Project Specs Report
Slap project Specs  

Hello My name is Ryan Robey

  • Hobbies- chilling with friends
  • Interests- having fun
  • Family- i have 2 sisters and 4 brothers
  • Where you originate from- no idea
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why- im an aerospace engineer i like planes
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years- i hope to either be in an internship or working for an aerospace program
  • What you expect or hope this class provides- a basic understanding of engineering





Hello Blog, I’m Alex Hohler – 1100

Hi! My name is Alex Hohler. I am from Wichita and have lived here my entire life. I like watching movies (specifically crime-thrillers), watching television, listening to music, playing ping-pong, hanging with friends, and drinking Coca-Cola. I have a younger brother named Aaron who lives with my parents in west Wichita. My major is bioengineering and I hope to use this to improve the quality of life for others. I see myself in five years beginning my career and probably not living in Wichita anymore depending on where I can find a job. I hope this class solidifies my choice of becoming a bioengineer. If you would like to contact me my email is Follow me on Twitter at @a_hohler123.



Project Group Links
SLaP! Chupacabras


Refractor the World! Independent


All Roads Start at Foam Independent


Adruinoween With Britton Farney


Final Project Team Enterprise


Hello Blog, I’m Thomas Simpson – ENGR 101 TR 11:00-12:15

   Hello everyone! My name is Thomas Simpson and this is my first year here at WSU, but not my first year of college. I graduated from Cowley College and have a Associate of Arts degree. I was born in Texas, but have spent the majority of my life in Arkansas City, KS. I traveled for a summer over seas visiting a couple other countries after I graduated from High school in 2010. Over my life I have also lived at one point or another in every state in the US except for Alaska and Hawaii, which I really hope to at least visit one day. Some of my hobbies are Video Games, as of lately mostly on the PC, and I also enjoy reading and drawing. I tend to listen to any type of music however I don’t like every genre completely. My major is Undecided engineering at this moment but I am leaning towards either Aerospace or maybe Mechanical. I am hoping that this class will let me see some of the differences and help me to make up my mind quicker. I am looking forward to the projects in this class and working with my fellow class mates. Don’t really have a camera on me and I have no pictures of myself on my laptop sooo ya. I can just edit it later when I get one.


Project Name Group Links
SLaP! The Troubleshooters  Report l Specs


Self  Sink

Foam Project




Austin Bright, Self

 Jacks of all trades

Final Project

Michael, Chandler, Self, Adam

The Claw

Hello Blog, I’m Benjamin Fillipi – ENGR 101 TR 0930

Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin Fillipi and I am currently a freshman at WSU.

 I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in something else though I don’t know what yet. I was born in Wichita and live near Mulvane. My mom on other hand was from South Dakota while my dad was born in Wyoming and lived all over the U.S. due to his father being in the military. I also have a sister who is 7 years older than me. My hobbies include listening to various bits of music, playing video games and looking after the 10 cats we have around the house. I have a interest in computer science and hope this course shows some of what I can expect from the various classes and possibly from what ever job I get in the future. In 10 years or so I hope that I’ll will be out of college working at a well paying job and bemoaning my lack of free time.

If anybody wants to contact me my email address is  

note: I apologize for the lack of a picture however my internet/computer will not upload it.

My Projects

 Project      Group                       Links

 SLaP!        Air Benders         Specs | Report

Hello Blog, I’m Anthony Rodriguez – TR 0930


I’m a freshman here at Wichita State and I graduated from Wichita Northwest High School.

  • Hobbies
    • I consider myself to be a hobbyist. I enjoy reading, juggling, metal detecting, soccer, bowling, tennis, solving Rubik’s Cubes, riding my unicycle, table tennis, learning new hobbies, and learning new skills I will probably never use in the real world unless I join the circus.
  • Interests
    • Again anything from my list of hobbies.
  • Family
    • I have two younger brothers, ones in high school and the other is just starting middle school. My mom is from New Mexico (no not from Mexico its a state look it up) and my dads parents came from Mexico.
  • Where you originate from
    • I was born here in Wichita.
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why
    • My major is electrical engineering, ever since middle school I have had the desire to become an engineer. I took several Project Lead The Way classes at Northwest and they gave me more reasons to pursue engineering.
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years
    • In 5 years I should be out of school but I’m not sure if I’m planning on getting my masters. I hope to have a job working somewhere that will pay well and challenge my brain.
    • In 10 years maybe join the circus. Just kidding my parents would kill me.
  • What you expect or hope this class provides
    • I hope this class can confirm that I will major in electrical engineering or show me what kind of engineering I want to pursue.

If you’d like to contact me you can email me at or

Hello Blog, I’m Samuel Schwartz- TR 0930

I am an undecided engineering major, but am leaning a bit to mechanical engineering, because I like to build things creatively. I was born here in Wichita, but my dad is from Russell, KS and my mom is from the Philippines-the exact island name I’m unsure about spelling. I have a brother and sister, both older than me and related through my mom, so they don’t look much like me (I’ve heard that we look alike before though). I’m a lazy, easy-going guy but I also know when to work and I do my best. My hobbies include hanging out with my family or friends, watching Netflix and playing with the animals on my mom’s farm (except the llama, he likes to keep his distance). I also know sign language and I assist in a sign language class under my sign language instructor as well as interpret on weekends at my church, First Pentecostal Church. I don’t plan very far ahead, so I think I’ll find out where I’ll be when I get there. I hope this class is fun and includes alot of hands-on projects.

Project Group Name Link
SLaP! Never Alone
Hello Blog, I’m Grant Neumann – TR 11:00-12:15


I’m Grant Neumann from St. Joseph Missouri where I have lived my whole life. I am a freshman majoring in aerospace engineering. I have a twin sister named Abby and a dog whom she named Boy. I enjoy collecting coins, building 3-D puzzles, canoeing, traveling, and trying new things. Growing up I ran cross country for 5 years and fenced for 2 years. I also enjoy watching all types of movies except horror. 





3-D puzzles that I’ve built


I became interested in aerospace engineering the summer before my sophomore year of high school. I attended an engineering camp at the University of Missouri Science and Technology. While there I was exposed to many different fields of engineering and aerospace seemed to be the best fit. 




The Apache Helicopter that I won State with

In high school I took metalworking and qualified for State my junior and senior year and won my category my senior year.

 You can contact me at




Project Name     Group Name Link
SLaP! Cheez Guys Inc.       Specs/Report
Refactor the World   Report
All Roads Start at Foam   Report
Arduinoween Sexy Pumpkins Report
Final Project Trebuchet Turret Report



Hello Blog, I’m Chandler Bolen – TR 11:00-12:15

           Hello everyone, my name is Chandler Bolen. My hobbies include playing Video Games, and watching TV, and listening to music. I usually will do anything nerdy. My favorite video games include Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The Binding of Isaac, and the Legend of Zelda and Pokémon series. (I am a major Nintendo fanboy) My favorite TV shows include Doctor Who, Torchwood, Breaking Bad, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I love classical music. On the weekends I will go LARPing with my friends. I am from El Dorado, Kansas and have 2 sisters, they are 12 and 16 years old. I am planning on dual majoring in Computer Engineering and Management Information Systems and getting a minor in Math and Computer Science. I hope this class will help me understand how other Engineers go about solving problems. If anyone wants to contact me they can email me at my school email,, I am always available. I hope to have a great year and hear from some of you soon.

Project Group Links


Team Cow Specs Report

Human Factors

Myself Assignment
All Roads Lead to Foam Myself Assignment
Arduinoween Screaming Pumpkin 9000 v0.8  Assignment
Final Project The Claw Assignment
Hello Blog, I’m Jayme Fuentes – ENGR 101 TR 0930
Hello All,
My name is Jayme Fuentes and I am currently a Sophomore at WSU. My major is Computer Engineering. The reason I chose this field is because I have always had an interest in technology and how if works, what makes it work, etc. I am married and have a little boy  who is 16 months old. I love spending time with my family and friends. Other hobbies I have include watching sports especially Football and Soccer as well as playing video games. I am originally from Garden City, KS and moved to Wichita to attend WSU. I hope to gain from this course a general understanding of all fields of Engineering. If you would like to contact me you may at



Project Group Name Links
SLaP! Team 2 Cart Specs l Report
Refactor the World Jayme Fuentes Refactor the World!
All Roads Start at Foam Jayme Fuentes  All Roads Start at Foam
Arduinoween  Will-o’-the-Wire  Will-o’-the-Wire
Final Project  Mediterranean Dew  AUTO WATER
My Motivation Jayme Fuentes My Motivation



Hello Blog, I’m Nicole from the 9:30 am class!!!!!

( That’s me in Barcelona, Spain. Even though it was a person in a costume, it was still pretty scary! )

Hello everybody my name is Nicole and I plan on majoring in Bio-engineering.

10 fun facts about me:

 1. I LOVE chocolate and strawberries.

 2. I am an animal lover and this summer my dog had puppies ( I helped with the birth).

 3. My favorite past times are to watch movies with my younger brother, to read fiction/romance stories, listen to music and to paint.

 4. I love to travel. I have been to Colombia, France and Spain (also England but that was for only three hours in the airport.)

 5. I am a blue belt in TAE KNOW DO.

 6. In high school I played tennis and was part of the swimming team.

 7. I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of French( I am in the process of learning some Italian.)

 8. I was born in New York.

 9. I was interviewed by Harvard University and Brown University.

 10. I enjoy watching Disney movies and still read fairy tales!

My plan in life is to become a neonatal doctor and work with newborn babies that are in critical care, so in five to ten years I see  myself going to medical school.

I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter or any other type of social network because I am not very good with technology and I prefer to talk with people face to face , but if you have any questions you can contact me through e-mail at

 Check out the projects that we have been working on:




Hello Blog, I’m My Dang – TR 0930

Super Muscle!

Hello everybody. My name is My Dang and I am a freshman. The picture above is just a silly picture of me attempting to cheer a friend up.

  • My hobbies are reading scary stories, watching movies, playing pool, and fishing.
  • I am very interested in extraterrestrial life and future technology.
  • I was born in Vietnam and I came to America when I was around 7 or 8 year old.
  • I am the oldest child in my family. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. There is an age gap of 12 year between my sister and me. Also, the girl that sit next to me in class everyday is my cousin! One of the few family members I have here, in America.



  • I am planning to major in mechanical engineering, but not 100% sure about it yet. I’m starting to have an interest in computer science.
  • In 5 or 10 years, I see myself going to work everyday, being lazy at home, and moaning over the lost of summer break.
  • I hope this class will help me decide what kind of engineering I want to be.

If you’d like, you can add me on Facebook Right Here



Name Group Date
SLaP! Specs Never Alone 09/02/13
SLaP! Report Never Alone 09/09/13
Refactor The World! Independent 09/29/13
All Roads Start at Foam Independent 10/08/13
Arduinoween Dang Team 11/04/13
Final Project Never Alone 12/03/13


Hello Blog, I’m [Husnain Shafqat] – [TR 09:30-10:45]

Hi everybody,

I am an international student  from pakistan and i am 17 years old.

Its been just 3 weeks since i have came from Pakistan. I am here to do my majors in electrical engineering . So this is my first semester in WSU and i am feeling very wonderful here, the people are very much helpful.

My hobbies are playing videos games, listening to songs, watching movies and probably playing any kind of sports. I am also interested in electronics i like to get messed up with wires and stuff.

Well i cant say anything that where i see myself in next 5 or 10 years because its a long way and the journey has just started for me. I hope i will learn many things about engineering from this class , so far this class seems to be very interesting and our  instructor seems to be  very calm and cool guy.

if anybody wants to contact me and needs help i am always there for your help feel free to email me at


 My Projects.

Project  Group Links


Refactor the World

All Roads Start at foam

Arduino Project


Final Project

The Airbenders

Husnain Shafqat

Husnain Shafqat

The Eagles

The Innovators

The Innovators

Specs Report 


Report on Pikachu

Specs and Report

Collect or Die

Parking lot





Hello Blog, I’m Tom McGuire – I can help

Hi I’m Tom McGuire

Engineering Educator Assistant

You can usually find me in the Lab (Wallace Hall 321) tinkering with a project. Building something always gives me a sense of confidence. Last spring My friends from and I went to Kansas City for the Maker Faire. It was amazing to see all the stuff people are making.

  I live on the west side of Wichita with my wife and three small yappy dogs. In the late summer my wife’s backyard garden is beautiful.




Gaylor, Bobby -TR0930


I am 27 years old with two children; Allie(7) and Espen(1.5).

The fam

I’ve been deployed to Afghanistan twice as an Infantryman during 7.5 years of Army National Guard service. Once working in the capacity of an Afghan police trainer/mentor and then as a Personnel Security team for a group of specialists in Agribusiness. Through the deployments I have physically touched Ireland, Romania, Amsterdam, Qatar, some place in Germany I can’t remember, and a couple other places I can’t recall.  

It is extremely hot…

I’ve also visited Hawaii and Germany/France for vacation outside the CONUS.

While in Hawaii I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet and highly recommend the experience to everyone. 

It really is THAT awesome…

I work in IT and have since 2007. In IT I have been exposed to hardware and software troubleshooting, server management, programming, process documentation and backup management.

Recent conversion from six physical servers to a high availability virtualized cluser using HP Proliant’s and a NetApp.

Prior to breaking into the IT field, I built scaffolding at refineries in Oklahoma and Kansas. Between 2008 and 2011 I would occasionally work weekends in Ponco City at the ConocoPhillips refinery within the alki unit building scaffold to help an old boss rotate some regular time employees through days off. I’ve also worked on an drilling rig in Oklahoma.

While building scaffold at OG&E Muskogee, OK I am standing approximately 150′ up on scaffolding we were erecting inside a 50′x50′x250′ boiler. After four 17 hours days we had the entire scaffolding built and ready for the boiler-makers to come in for repair/modification.



  • My current hobby(aside from homework and kids) is VMWare. I have a decommissioned server from work at my house, which I have turned into a virtual host. With a technet account I can install various operating systems and test. Right now I have brought up a Windows domain and am working on bringing another virtual host up at a friends house to create a site-to-site VPN between the two.
  • Some interests of mine include but are not limited to computers & technology, space, music and photography. I like to try to snowboard twice a year in Colorado but didn’t get a chance last Winter. I also have an aquarium and fish pond, in which, I try to keep from killing the inhabitants. 
  • I have three brothers and one sister. My household family consists of two children and my girlfriend.
  • I was raised in Coalgate, Oklahoma. I moved to Wichita in 2007 after my first deployment to Afghanistan.
  • I am majoring in Computer Engineering because I work in the I.T. field and love the challenges and opportunities it presents.
  • In 5 years I want to be finished with my degree. You may laugh, but it has taken me 5 years to be a junior. A year ago I took a job as an IT Director of a company so I have less time for school. I want to eventually study to get my CCNA and be well versed in the networking side of IT. 
  • I hope this class offers a collaborative environment to share ideas and learn engineering techniques. 


My Projects

Project Name URL
SLAP1 False Smoke Alarm Rectifier
Refactor the World!  3rd Part Software Installations
Address Bar vs. Search Bar


Final Project

3x3x3 LED Cube

6x6x12 LED Tower


Some contact information:




Hello Blog!-Austin Bright-TR[1100]-Draft

Hi everybody, my name is Austin Bright. I just graduated from Moore High School in Moore, Oklahoma where I am from. Although I am from Oklahoma I was actually born in Fairfield, California. I have a passion for pretty much just four things: Jesus, baseball, math, and the always great video games. I just turned seventeen last month so I am a youngin’. I plan to major in mechanical engineering but as of right now I am listed as undecided. I am also a pretty big guy. I am listed as 6’6 although I am actually about 6’5 and I wear a size 17 shoe and XXL glove. My size comes in handy because I am a pitcher for our WSU baseball team. I always get asked how hard I throw so I will go ahead and answer now. I throw consistently around 90 mph with the project-ability to throw in the mid to upper 90s. I really am big into my faith as well. I always say that I don’t want to be known as a baseball player who happens to be a Christian but rather a Christian  who happens to be a baseball player. I am a really approachable guy and I am generally friendly to everyone and I like to laugh and have fun!!!! If y’all have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!!


Project Group Links
SLaP! The Troubleshooters Specs | Report
Hello Blog, I’m Larkin Feikert – 0930

I was born and grew up here in Wichita Kansas. I have 3 sisters and I am the youngest of the siblings. I went to Derby schools and graduated in 2011. After that I went to a community college with a soccer scholarship. After those two years were over, I decided to move back home and go to school for engineering. Currently I work two totally different jobs which for the most part keep me busy. I have an apartment downtown with my dog. In 5 to 10 years I would love to be living in Colorado working for a business in downtown Denver. I am considering Industrial Engineering with a minor of business management because the business  industry interests me in many different ways. I hope this class provides a better outlook for me on all different types of engineering and how exactly the engineering process works. 


SLaP!                             Avengers                        |


I have a facebook and a twitter. My facebook name is just my name I am sure you would find me if you looked up Larkin Feikert. My twitter name is LarkDaShark14 if you would like to follow me. 






Hello Blog, I’m Jacob Marler – 0930


Hello, my name is Jacob Marler. My current major is Computer Science, and I plan on minoring in something, but I am not really sure what yet. My interests include Videogames and Programming. I am originally from Wichita, Kansas. Has for where I see myself in 5 or 10 years, I have no idea. I hope this class ends up teaching me more about engineering in general.

One of the videogames I play is League of Legends, and if you happen to also play and/or know others who do, email and join the Wichita eSports Club (which is still in deveopment and currently called Wichita Starcraft Club)


Project Group Links
SLaP! Team 2 Cart Specs | Report
Refactor N/A Report
Foam N/A Report
Hello Blog, I’m Jublain – 1100

Hello, I’m Jublain Wohler. I’m an aerospace engineering major. I like to play sports and video games alot. I have a huge family, 6 sisters and 4 brothers. I also have two nieces and a nephew. I am from the very small town of Victoria, KS. Average class size was 18 to give you an idea of how small. In 10 years I hope to be working for SpaceX helping to design better rockets and to also be working on becoming an astronaut. I expect this class will help me to become more familiar with the other aspects of engineering.




Project Group Links
SLaP Cheeze Guys Inc.  Specs / Report


Hello Blog, I’m Eric Ruby, Peer Mentor for TR 11:00 – 12:15 Engr101!

For anyone needing help, my lab hours are MW 12-2 in Wallace Hall 321. Dominic, Tom, or I should always be there for any help you might need!

Hey everyone! I am your section’s mentor for Engineering 101. I am currently going by Ruby-Red but that is subject to change. Feel free to throw Dom any suggestions on a better nickname. This is my girlfriend and I. She constantly forces me to take pictures against my will so if you see me in a picture it will almost always be with her. As I hinted towards in my two truths and a lie our first class, my main hobby is playing video games. I used to play games competitively around Wichita. I originally started with Halo 3 and played the franchise through Halo Reach until the release of Halo 4. If you want to have a discussion on the competitive merit of Halo 4, I’m your guy. After the “fall of Halo”, I moved onto PC games and spend a majority of my time playing League of Legends. I have a great and supportive family and a lovely girlfriend of 4 years. We also have a fur baby that we named Bandit. If I ever walk into class covered in fur, it will be this little monsters fault.

I am originally from Wichita but spent the first 6 years of my life in California because my father was in the Navy. I am a senior in Aerospace Engineering. I was never really sure what I wanted to be growing up. I once had a teacher approach me in high school and ask me what I wanted to be when I got out of high school. After giving her the answer “I don’t care as long as it makes me a lot of money”, she recommended to me that I be an engineer. From there I narrowed it down to aerospace due to my attraction to flight and the convenience of having a great college for the program so close to home. A lot of people have asked me what I plan on doing with my major as I’ve gone through college. My answer now is the same as it was at the beginning of college. I have no idea. In 5 to 10 years, I hope to be married in a nice house and working a job that is fulfilling. I expect this class to be a lot a more work then you guys probably hoped it would be from a 101 class. I also expect this class to be a lot more fun then you would ever expect from a 101 class. People have been telling me this my whole life and I always ignored it but trust me when I say that gaining knowledge through learning can be one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences of your life. If you guys ever need advice/help with anything  just know that I will do my best to provide any help/advice I can. Here is my email.

etruby{at} wichita {dot }edu 





Andrew Burdick


good times.


  • Hobbies
    • Reading novels/short stories, watching old monster movies, playing video games (nintendo/pc), researching/playing synthesizers, canoeing and hiking.  
  • Interests
    • Musical composition, digital art, exploration.
  • Family
    • Parents live near Andover. 24 year old brother in Wichita.
  • Where you originate from
    • Here
  • Your major (or what you’re considering) and why
    • Undecided Engineering – considering electrical because of a fascination with electronic machines. Going to have to get my feet wet and make a solid decision later.
  • Where you see yourself in 5 or 10 years
    • Not sure of this at all.
  • What you expect or hope this class provides
    • Experience and connections to the different kinds of engineering. Really glad to see people so educated and passionate right off the bat. 


  • Email:
Links to projects:



This is Corey, my roomate. He likes being clicked




Hello Blog, I’m Corey Cranmer – TR 0930

^ Prom King

Hey everyone. I’m Corey Cranmer, a freshman here at Wichita State. The picture was taken after I was crowned Prom King. Probably hard to believe, since I’m pretty quiet here in college.

My hobbies include gaming and the internet. It’s not very healthy or interesting.

My interests are… pretty much the same. I don’t really have a passion for anything (yet).

My mom and dad are both WSU alumni. My mom teaches high school programming and my dad is a lawyer. I have an older sister who is a junior at Southwestern College.

I’m from Wichita. 

My major is Undecided Engineering, but I’m leaning toward Computer Science. There’s no big reason, it’s just what I decided to look into at the end of high school.

I’m not sure where I’ll be in 5 or 10 years. Hopefully, living pretty comfortably with a decent job! I really don’t know.

I hope this class helps me decide which engineering to go in to. Or help me figure out if engineering is even right for me.

If you really want, you can add me on facebook here.

Here’s a bonus picture of me and my roommate (who’s also in our class) being creepers.

 Also, if you’re still reading this far, I’d HIGHLY recommend putting your mouse on Mr. Canare’s picture. You won’t regret it.

My Projects

SLaP! | Specs | Report - Team 2 Kart

Refactor the World! - Flavored Water Dispensers

All Roads Start at Foam – Mario Sprites

Arduinoween – Will-o’-the-Wire

Final Project – Mediterranean Dew

Hello Blog, I’m Ashlee Weeks – Peer Leader TR 9:30-10:45


Iron Man











Hello! I am Ashlee Weeks and I am your Peer Leader this semester. The picture is my Final project in Engineering 101 when I took it Fall 2011.

I am originally from Wichita so coming to Wichita State was an easy decision. My hobbies are playing video games, watching movies, listening to music, coding, drawing, reading and probably going to Orange Leaf (I do that enough to call it a hobby). I am interested in anything nerdy, especially if it is related to Iron Man or Tron (which I have memorized, down to the music).

My major is Computer Science (I am in my third year) and I just started my Graphic Design minor this semester. I decided to come to WSU because they had quite a bit to offer and I am very happy I am here. I chose my major because my family is full of Engineers and I hope to one day design video games. My favorite video game would have to be Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, and yes, I am a Nintendo junkie.

Oh yes. Dominic told me to list my nicknames. Ashlee “Weaksause” is not one of them, but Smashlee is. Also Shlee. My friends have always been an imaginative lot.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever need any help with this class, life, or even any other classes, as I am willing, and able, to try and help. I will be in the Senior Design Lab Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 2:00 – 4:00pm and Thursday’s I am free right after the class.


I am on Facebook (that is about it) if you are desperate to get a hold of me, but I do check my email constantly.

Hello Blog, I’m Dominic Canare – TR 0930/1100

Hey, guys! My name is Dominic Canare, and I’m the instructor for this course!

Some of my hobbies include tennis, cycling, tinkering, piano, electronics, and so many more! I enjoy volunteering in the community and being a part of MakeICT.

I’m very interested in various forms of technology, especially how it can be applied in ways to improve the quality of one’s life. I’m also very passionate about education. If I ever go back to college, I will probably seek a phd in human factors or pedagogy.

I don’t have a spouse or any kids, but I do have two cats, Buttercup and Nala. I’m originally from the Wichita area (Derby graduate), and I have a B.S. from Pittsburg State and an M.S. from WSU.

I’ve worked as a freelancer, software developer (front and backend), web developer, systems analyst, educator, and consultant. Oh, I’ve also done some modeling which I’m very proud of and you should definitely ask me about. Presently, I have a small business through which I try to help people embrace technology.

Lastly, I’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign – you should spread the word!


I hope this class proves to be useful and fun for everyone! Feel free to reach out to me:

My Projects

Project Group Links
SLaP! Cat Mat Specs | Report