My Motivation – Nicole Ramirez – 09:30am

My motivation in life is to be happy and share that happiness with the world.  I want to help people and that is why I want to become a doctor. I want to become a a neonatal doctor like the one that saved my brother’s life when he was just a few days old. The amount of happiness that my brother has brought to me and my family I own to God and to that doctor.  I want to bring smiles like that ones that my brother has brought us to other families by saving their newborns. The best way that I can prepare to become a doctor is by becoming a bio-engineer. That extra knowledge on how the human body works and how technology can help it will make a better doctor. The experience I will require from engineering 2020 will give me the confidence I need in order to continue my medical career. Even if I don’t become a doctor, I will still be able to help out people because I will be developing technology the will help people in hospitals become better and happy. And I like engineering because it helps me develop my creativity when I present my projects. 

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