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Group Name:

Irate Flightless Bird 

Class Time: 0930
Team Members:
  • Andrew Pettigrew


The objective of “Maze Of Doom” is to direct the disgruntled penguin across a slippery narrow path to his green star without him slipping into the lava pools.


Only controls required are the four keys: w, a, s, d. W-forward; A-rotate left; S-backward; D-rotate right.


Only rules are don’t fall off the edge and the green star will warp you to the next level, of which there are only two.


Blender Game(zipped) (OBSOLETE)

Blender Game (zipped)

This new folder will have two .blend files and two .exe files. The original will have textures and the original camera angles but the penguin mesh will have less than 1/10 the faces and vertices to help with performance issues. MazeOfDoom2 will have textures removed 0n everything except the penguin, which will still have fewer vertices and faces. The camera should be more prone to follow the penguin on level one now also. I threw in the .blend files at Dom’s request and for anyone else who wants to see the making of the next platinum hit.



 I decided to use the Blender Game Engine because I have some experience with the Blender 3D Engine and I thought it would be fun to learn how to use the game engine. I did some internet searching for game engine tutorials to see what kind of game I wanted to make and Blender’s website had a nice tutorial for a maze game on a previous version of Blender.  Surprisingly, the game engine is equipped with a logic editor that was fairly simple to use. The user simply connects a sensor to an actuator using a controller and you can give a variety of commands to any object. 

Here are some of the logic nodes I used:

  • Camera- always follows legless penguin to his right
  • Lava pool- kills penguin and resets level
  • Green star- advances to next level
  • Bricks- no logic but are given a dynamic rigid body for collisions
  • Penguin- four controls for w, a, s, d and also given dynamic body

I did encounter a large number of problems on this project. Most I was able to resolve with a bit of research and tinkering. The only two problems I could not solve were texture and collision issues. Textures were by far the most difficult problems to solve. I had trouble with the putting the textures on the right normals of the faces of the maze surface, putting two textures on one object, and getting the textures to show up in the game engine. Also, the lava texture should be scaled down and duplicated on the x-axis and y-axis ten times but it does not show up in the game engine unless I UV-unwrap and bake the textures (was unable to figure this part out). The brick texture also does not appear properly unless it is baked. Here is what the game looks like when fully rendered:

           (Added this because it was right there and everyone loves Chuck Norris)


If you play the game, one of the first problems you will notice is the penguin gets snagged on the surface of the maze at the edge of the faces. The only way I can think of to fix this problem would be to extrude the faces of a subdivided plane so the maze surface would all be one face but a plane is so thin that rigid bodies can sometimes just fall through. This method would also not work if I wanted elevated surfaces.

I also had a few problems with the camera. Initially, the camera was set as a child of the penguin so it would simply follow but the camera behaved so erratically that it was unusable. Using the logic editor I was able to make the camera follow the penguin while also giving it some elasticity so that it would not be so rigid.

After I decided to use a penguin as my character I also thought it would be cool if the surface of the maze looked and acted like ice. Making it look like ice was fairly simple but making it act like ice took some testing with the logic editors. Using move location and rotate as the actuators on the penguin gave him a very rigid and predictable stop-and-go effect. With the help of the Blender wiki, I was able to use force and torque to make it look like the penguin was moving on ice. Regarding the penguin, making the mesh was simple enough using an elongated sphere and extruding faces but he was too top heavy and just fell over when any force was applied. I resolved that issue by chopping him off slightly above the feet (probably why he’s so irate).

If I had some more time I would work on the following:

  • Title screen
  • Animations for penguin
  • Additional levels with increasing difficulty
  • Additional interactive objects
  • Gaps that must be jumped
  • Sound
December 12th, 2013 22:47

First of all, I love Blender. Did some modeling and animation a few years ago, never made it to the game engine though.

I’m running on Windows 8 – 64bit. It’s VERY sluggish on my machine and all of the textures are erratic. You should upload a new version w/ no textures, maybe that would help the sluggishness?

Good solution with the camera (although I would’ve put it behind the player, not beside). When I first started playing, I thought I was going to despise the camera, but the control scheme (w = go forward) makes the camera angle less important.

Nice work. Can you post your .blend?

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