khalid almustanyir – never give up – 1100


Group Name: Never give up
Class Time: 1100 
Team Members:
  • khalid almustanyir


you sould kill all the enemies in each level this game is about three level each one has around three enemies or more and the goal of that if you kill them you can go to the next level . 


you don’t need to use the mouse you just need to the movement or arrow keys and the the space key , the arrows for moving and the space key for attack snd hit .


no rules in this game , i just want to point some thing there is  one cookie in each level if you get this cookie you are going to the next level even if you don’t kill the enemies .


here is the link you can play this game or download it :




when i found this website which is SPOLDER i started making my game after i done and want to save the game i couldn’t and that beacuse i did not join the website then i lost all my work so if any one intrested to make a game in spolder make sure you join firtst , it’s really easy to make a game in spolder you don’t need to import any thing , you ‘er going to find everything you need located in the left side of the page .

also you can add a music and it’s already imported you just need to choise one of them , i named it never give up beacuse some of the enemies are hard to pass them , by the way you can pass them  but you can go to the next level until you call anyone you have passed .

i never thought about make a game beacuse i was thinking that really hard and i was asking how can whom making a game do that , but after i tried i change mind and i,m really happy of that , and noew i can make a game for my nephews .

December 12th, 2013 23:51

I found that you can also change the items you are holding using X and C – this was not in your instructions.

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