PWNAGE – The Innovators – [TR 09:30-10:45]


Group Name: The Innovators
Class Time: 0930
Team Members:
  • Husnain Shafqat
  • Muhammad Jahangir


In this game our aim is to collect as many points that are present there to get a high score and to got on next level but without colliding with the bad guys. We have named this game “Collect Or Die” because you have to collect the point to be on the safe side or otherwise you will die.


So basically to control we only have to use the arrow keys. By these keys we can move our player in all direction. UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT.


We do have a bad guys here in this game. If our player collide with theses guys then our game is restarted and  our score starts from zero.

And there are blocks in the game which we cannot pass through.

To win this game we have to collect all the points without colliding with the bad guys.



Collect or Die


The making of:

Well! When we started making this game we have completely forgotten how to use game maker studio. So we took help from youtube and google to learn  how to make sprints, objects, room and how to add events.

We want to make a game like pacman. We faced many challenges in making this when  first time we ran the game but our player was not moving in any directions , second time it was just moving up and down but not down , we have to add the events again to make the game run and finally we succeeded.

This was completely a different experience we have never used this kind software before and it was a good experience.

December 12th, 2013 23:54

This is a very good start – nice work! Although I wish you gave me some sort of feedback when I collect all of the items!

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