Arduinoween: Alex and Britton 11:00
Group Name: Michael Myers
Class Time: 1100 
Team Members:
  • Alex Hohler
  • Britton Farney

Project Goal

Our goal was to make a light show that was synchronized to music using the arduino. We planned to make it Halloween themed, and use the Halloween movie series theme song(Michael Myers). It was meant to be used at parties and raves. Also we made it so that the theme could be easily changed to the fit the season.  

Specifications and constraints


Specification Planned Actual
# of pumpkins 3-4 3
# of speakers 1 1
Box Length 12in 12in
Width 6in 6in
 Height  4in  4in
 # of lights  3-4  3
 arduinos  1  1

Team Members

Our team members were Britton Farney and Alex Hohler.

Britton’s Duties: Use program Dom wrote to convert midi file into arduino code. Edit midi file. Program the lights to be synchronized with the music. Wire the lights and the speaker.

Alex’s Duties: Find cups that were Halloween themed and cut holes in the bottom. Design foam box that would fit speaker and lights.  


Implementation Details

We wanted to make a light show synchronized with music that was Halloween themed. Dom wrote a program for us to use to convert midi files into readable code that the arduino would recognize. The speaker can only play one tone at a time, which is why we had to use a midi file and edit out everything except the melody. After that, Britton singled out the tones to be used for individual lights and used Dom’s program to write code. We assigned each light a different tone which worked perfectly with having only three lights and three tones. Alex designed a foam box to hold the cups lights and amplify the sound. He also went to Dillon’s and searched for a long time for pumpkin cups (also picking up a bag of candy and some cupcakes for the hard work of the group).  He cut holes in the bottom of the cups so they would fit perfectly over the lights. Britton did the wiring from the arduino to the lights and speakers. The project was completed after everything was assembled. The main problem we encountered was converting midi files into code, which Dom solved by writing a program that would convert the midi for us (which was totally rad). We gained more experience working with the arduino and learned  how to use a speaker. The advice we would give to anyone else would be to advocate your needs and talk to Dom. Also, if you think you cannot do something, do not give up on it! EVER!



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November 6th, 2013 13:25


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