Arduinoween – Hylians – 0930
Group Name: Hylians
Class Time: 0930
Team Members:
  • Kip
  • Sid

Project Goal

the idea that we were going for was to make a Zelda Treasure Chest, one that when a person opened the chest, lights would turn on and the theme song for these hidden chests that are in the Zelda video games would start playing.

Specifications and constraints

We did not have any exact specifications but we wanted the box. Two feet in length, one foot in width and one foot in height. We able to make the box two feet in length and one foot in width, then we hit a bump when actually looking at the height drawn out. The difficulty was that the false bottom(but did not have an effect on the outcome of the box) and the legs were not really put into account and the chest came out a little taller than originally planned.

Kip and I sunk ~30 dollars into the box a piece. In this project money was not really a constraint because we wanted it to look good but we wanted to be as cheap as possible, of course.

Team Members

Kip – the man with the idea – builder – programmer(with dom’s help) – supplier

Sid – builder –  programmer(more of a watcher) – writer – camera man

Implementation Details

We started off this project with a couple of arduinos, speakers, a sheet of plywood, a 2×4, a momentary switch (whose normal state is on), storage chest handles, hinges, a power strip, and a six foot strand of rope lights. We cut the plywood into several pieces to form the box and the false bottom. The legs are made from the 2×4. Holding the box together are an appropriate number of nails and wood glue. Following the construction of the box, we stained it and painted on the Hylian Crest. Then we attached the hinges and handles and then installed the electrical parts such as the power strip, arduinos, speakers, switches and lights.

 One problem that we encountered was that we initially had the speakers under the fake bottom but they didn’t produce enough sound to be audible so we had to move them to the lid which meant we had to find something to cover them that wouldn’t muffle the sound too much and that led to us buying a furnace filter and cutting it to fit in the lid. Another problem we had was making the top of the box flush after putting in the contact switch. We could not fix that problem. Then we had a problem being able to remove and replace the false bottom with the lights installed in the box, so we cut the false bottom in half to make it possible to do so.

Zelda Chest Video

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