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When I first started this project, I wanted to make a mascot that visually resembled the overall engineering idea. The gearbox seemed to be a perfect visual representation as it shows efficiency, and we use them in a lot of our projects. Yet as I thought more bout it I realized that the gear also symbolized and engineering team. I like gear engineers are diverse. Some engineers how drive to lead the project and get everything started(bottom left gear) and some are good at keeping everyone working together at the same pace(big middle gear). Some engineers like to take on many small tasks in a project (upper left gear with flag),while other prefer to tackle one bigger,  more mentally exhausting task (wheel and gear). But despite their differences, engineers can all work together to solve any problems like gears coming together to lift, spin, pull, etc.


The Design Process:

 Because I needed the gears to mesh near perfectly, I decided to draw out a 1:2 inch ratio drawing of the gear set-up. This helped me make sure I had the right sized gears and it also allowed me to add things or take things out before I invested my time in making the parts. After the draft was complete, I just followed the schematics which made creating the parts easy, minus the fact that needed some help with Inkscape (Once again thank you Dom and Tom for the help!). The only major challenge that I had to overcome with Inkscape was getting the gears to properly mesh at different sizes, but with help I solved this problem.















 From Digital to Physical:

 The process cutting out the parts made from Inkscape and putting them together involved the most amount of problem solving in the entire project. I had to re-cut twice because of mistakes. Here is a list of problems and the solutions I had for them:

1. The gears from the first cut did not mesh together properly.

- I learned that the pitch angles of the gears needed to be the same. I reprinted new gears with similar pitch, and they meshed better.

Note: Gears still did not mesh perfectly.

2. Gears broke while putting the project together.

- I had to reprint the gears.










I believe the lack of problems with the digital-to-reality process can be explained by my drawing a scale model of the project before hand.


What I have Learned:


1. Always draw a schematic before hand to minimalize error.

2. Gears will mesh together if they have the same pitch angle.

3. Perfect of paper doesn’t mean perfect in reality.

October 9th, 2013 18:21

I think you should emphasize the analogy of your gears to the types of people. Maybe give that part it’s own paragraph and bullet-point each analogy.

October 15th, 2013 13:50

Couple of typos – and I can’t believe you didn’t mention the gear that isn’t there!

October 24th, 2013 00:09

Since this is our official class mascot, what should we call it? “The Gearbox”? “Gears of Engineering”?

Let me know.

Also, can you post your .SVG file?

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