All Roads Start at Foam – Thomas Simpson – 11:00

Well my first choice for design was originally going to be a bunch of different things that represent Engineering, but I soon found out that someone else had a similar idea to that. So i changed it. I wondered what would be both cool looking and somewhat challenging since choosing something simple would most likely lead to a poor grade. Also a challenge isn’t a bad thing. After a bit of brainstorming I came up with the idea to do a snake, then I thought “Even better, a cobra.” So I set about trying to find an image of a cobra at an angle that I liked. I found one and set about drawing it in a more familiar program, Painttool SAI, I soon found that this wasn’t really a smart choice. The program I used turned out not to save in the proper format that was needed for Inkscape. Luckily, Dom was able to help me with this and after a bit of work it was fixed. The drawing of the project took me around four hours to complete. The printing and constructing of the cobra took me about two and a half hours. After I was finished I was very proud of the work I had put into it.

Some of the issues I ran into was well as I said not using a compatible program, will have to check that before hand in the future. Another issue was removing the small pieces of foam that would form the roundness of the snakes body, they were the things that took the most time to pop out of the sheet of foam. Due to their size they were pretty fragile and I did actually break a couple. The completed foam snake stands up very well wit no help however the top tends to sway when wind blows or what it’s sitting on moves just a little, so stability is a slight issue. Other than those I really had no issues with this project.

October 15th, 2013 12:49

Typo: “stands up very well wit no help”

I like the layered effect you did with the snakes head. Well done!

October 24th, 2013 00:08

Hey – we need a name for this, since it’s our class mascot! Also, can you post your SVG file?

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